The Rise of Homo Luminous

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I’m a data-crunching financial analyst by trade; once upon a time I believed only in numbers and corporate governance and worshipped the great God MS Excel. If you could dream it, I could model it. Yoga was the lowest form of exercise, and exercise, well never took place at all, apart from if I was gaming on the Wii Fit.

So if you had told me at Christmas 2011 that one year later I would be standing on the banks of the Avebury Stone circle, with thousands of people ushering in the age of light, a small stone Shiva (a representation of a Hindu deity’s penis) in my hand and chanting ‘Om’, all without the aid of drugs and alcohol, I would have had you committed. Indeed, if I had believed you, I would have committed myself voluntarily.

And yet 2012 was a year of great transformation for many people other than me. The whole world seemed to have a variant of similar theories; the move from the age of Pisces to the age of Aquarius, the end of the Mayan calendar, the move from the masculine to the feminine, the end of the world as we know it; the ascension of mankind to homo luminous (man of light), the notion that we would birth a new species of human, one who would act from a new place of consciousness. Living on a tiny island off the west coast of Sweden, the end of the world media hype reached me through the web and then sparked my curiosity. What did they mean?

Our definitions of stages of evolution are certainly interesting. “Homo sapiens” of course literally means wise man. But wise men have a great deal to worry about… starting with our current day reality and what we continue to do to people and the world around us.

Less of the homo sapiens, more of the homo tumorous. I, Human. The Despot. The Tumor.

When I first heard about homo luminous therefore, I laughed. A step further than wise? How on earth could we manage that? Even if “our ascension” on December 21st should be a quantum leap to the next stage of evolution from homo sapiens to homo luminous (a fabled explanation for the famous missing links of past evolution), I could hardly believe that it would happen in my lifetime, because just look at the state of the world. Mustn’t we fulfil a requisite number of ‘wisdom’ modules in this stage of humanity’s progression? We’ve barely scratched the surface of being wise.

But perhaps the so-called ‘age of light’ only means that many have started to realise that life is not lived through linear mapping, cannot be modelled in any excel tool and that having more is not being better. The society we’ve created based on achievement, linear achievement mapped out into school, college, university, and a succession of degrees with promotions has warped our ways of thinking. The advent of the era of homo luminous, means those who are growing in awareness must shed light on our preoccupation with the self, our greed and our destruction driven by our perceived need for material goods. Because where light is, dark cannot exist.

So what happened on December 21st 2012? No project planner could have organised it. It happened through word of mouth, with barely any global budget. And yet we came on a pilgrimage, hundreds of thousands of us, to the old sacred sites across the world and committed to the future. We stood and promised that we would conduct our lives in love and light and try, as far as possible, to support others in lighting their own fire. We’d like to bring about a new age governed by love instead of fear, where honesty is our best weapon and compassion our best healer. And if we are to rid the world of our own greedy cancer, this age is long overdue.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

– Martin Luther King Jr.