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My first book baby, written originally when I was 26. Traces still remain...(thankfully not many).

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Vomited out in my early 30s after a period of intense... feeling. Now under film option.

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Pieced together from various blogs in a mad moment of mosaic creativity. Won the silver award for best memoir of the year.

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Access to my "On Writing" blog, where I write about the frustrations of being published, getting a film option, public reception and more.

3.0 The Fairground

3.1. Site Trails (& scenic journeys)

Most people use breadcrumbs around their site, but I write a lot of stuff about everything, and it's all interconnected. You'll probably have seen the trails as they all lead to The Vault. Because once I've hashed out an experience, I can start to research and analyse it. Here's the page where I build the trails (it's regularly updated as I find more interconnections). So far there are two completed but more in progress,

  1. The Vagina Voyage
  2. The Maternal Narcissism Navigator

They cut across the three blog-lenses on my site.  Further research and info on these topics can be found in the premium section.

You know what to do.

The Vagina Voyage
The Maternal Narcissism Navigator
The Relationship Anarchy Road
The Abuse Avenue
The White Woman Way
The Parenting Path
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That your boyfriend is an abusive man—such an awful accusation, you have to have an awful amount of courage to make it. You have to be sure. Except that when you’re abused, you aren’t sure of anything anymore...

Louisa is in an abusive relationship—but she doesn’t realise it yet. On an idyllic holiday in Barbados, her suppressed and secret past catches up with her. She falls in love with another man, and her world comes crashing down around her. The resulting pain, always before anaesthetised with alcohol, shows her a reality that can no longer be ignored.

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Research Areas

The Deforming Mirror

How Childhood Trauma Distorts Adult Choice

Activist, author, adoptee. In a climate of political upheaval, where civil rights activists are battling for the right to exist “as God made them”, Louisa fights the external battles of our times as well as the internal uncertainty of how she was made.

Dropped into a world prejudiced against illegitimacy, with every element of her original identity redacted and replaced, she contends with alienation, distrust, and despair to find a life that can give her the meaning once denied her.

Part-memoir, part-treatise, her ongoing research project "The Deforming Mirror" offers the reader an in-the-field look of how the psychological and sociological effects of childhood trauma can pose challenges to forming bonds, finding stability, and fostering intimacy. Separation, divorce, narcissistic parenting and more, can form an abusive world within a hall of distorted, emotional truths where compulsion is safety and attachment is treachery.

Dear Louisa, Just finished reading "The Deforming Mirror" and I really am blown away. Historically I've been pretty sceptical about both attachment theory and a fair bit of neuroscience, so I'm probably the reader most likely to question any over-generalisation or problematic assumptions coming from those ideas. In fact I found that your writing was so measured, balanced and considered that it opened my mind to what I might have been a bit too closed off to from those perspectives.

As a reader I felt invited into a kind of reflection on my own experiences, both in the places they were similar to yours and the places where they differed. I particularly loved the way you kept returning to the questions and giving different answers - it gave a powerful sense of how these things are a process and we can go round and round reaching a deeper level of understanding each time. Also the examples of how you had reframed your negative stories about yourself in the third section was extremely useful. I feel that from different approaches (mostly Buddhism, social constructionism, existentialism, and queer/intersectional feminism) I have come to some similar places regarding how to relate. I also LOVED the way you wove together memoir, research, theory, story, and examples from popular culture. Very inspiring to me as a writer. I think it's an important thing to share indeed.

It's also a total page-turner, I wasn't bored for a moment.

- Dr Meg-John Barker, author of Rewriting The Rules, speaker, consultant, and queer activist-academic.

Latest Entries in "The Unexpurgated Diaries"

This is where I jot down snippets and/or diary entries destined for my future books.

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These posts are in all states, from completely first draft to almost final polish...

Books in Progress

Draft Logline 

After swapping out her stressful London life for a secluded, car-free island off the coast of Sweden, a formerly high-flying mother battles her loss of sex drive in an effort to save her relationship, whilst trying to re-energize her career.

But when Trump's bid for the presidency triggers long-forgotten childhood trauma, it becomes impossible to hide from the world she was so desperate to leave behind.

  • Chapter 5 edited & uploaded
  • Draft Logline written
  • Chapter 6 edited & uploaded
Find your voice, Build your confidence & Grow your self-esteem:

How to Kickstart Your Memoir


If you like writing as a form of self-expression and have been through any kind of  trauma or painful transformation, this course is for you.

That's because all memoir is about revelation (or maybe a series of revelations, culminating in one big revelation). Your stories illustrate this revelation to the reader (and the first reader is you).

In short, your memoir is about your journey which in turn, invites more avenues to explore. It shows one or more lessons which are applicable to the wider world, but uses your stories to highlight the lesson in a way that's unique to you.

Course Outline
  1. Why Write Memoir?
    • Three Reasons Writing Memoir is Good for you
    • Rewriting the Past
    • What is Memoir?
    • The Ten Universal Themes
    • Writing Exercises: Focus Your Mind & Access the Adult
  2. First Line, First Paragraph, First Page
    • Erasure & Validation
    • The Stages of Enticement
    • First Sample Pages
    • Getting the Audience's Attention
    • Writing Exercises: Overcoming Fear, Embracing Change
  3.  How Far Can you Stretch the truth (and why you might want to)?
    • What is The Truth?
    • How Far Can You Stretch The Truth?
    • The Uncanny Valley
    • Writing Exercises: Accessing the Power of the Unconcious
  4. Help! My Memoir isn't good enough
    • Self-Esteem is A Beast
    • The Pillars of Self-Esteem (and how writing supports them)
    • Trying to Be Myself
    • Writing Exercises: Life Lessons & Survival Mechanisms
  5. Reauthoring Your stories, Creating Narratives & Uncovering Beliefs
    • It can Make You Dizzy
    • The Bomshell
    • Lessons (seven years later)
    • Figuring out other stories, narratives and hidden beliefs
    • Writing Exercises: Discovering & Transcending Your Stories