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My first book baby, written originally when I was 26. Traces still remain...(thankfully not many).

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Vomited out in my early 30s after a period of intense... feeling. Now under film option.

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Pieced together from various blogs in a mad moment of mosaic creativity. Won the silver award for best memoir of the year.

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Access to my "On Writing" blog, where I write about the frustrations of being published, getting a film option, public reception and more.

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Most people use breadcrumbs around their site, but I write a lot of stuff about everything, and it's all interconnected. You'll probably have seen the trails as they all lead to The Vault. Because once I've hashed out an experience, I can start to research and analyse it. Here's the page where I build the trails (it's regularly updated as I find more interconnections). 

They cut across the three blog-lenses on my site.  

You know what to do.

The Vagina Voyage
The Maternal Narcissism Navigator
The Relationship Anarchy Road
The Abuse Avenue
The White Woman Way
The Parenting Path
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That your boyfriend is an abusive man—such an awful accusation, you have to have an awful amount of courage to make it. You have to be sure. Except that when you’re abused, you aren’t sure of anything anymore...

Louisa is in an abusive relationship—but she doesn’t realise it yet. On an idyllic holiday in Barbados, her suppressed and secret past catches up with her. She falls in love with another man, and her world comes crashing down around her. The resulting pain, always before anaesthetised with alcohol, shows her a reality that can no longer be ignored.

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Latest Entries in "The Unexpurgated Diaries"

This is where I jot down snippets and/or diary entries destined for my future books.

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These posts are in all states, from completely first draft to almost final polish...

Disillusioned with their stressful London lives, Louisa and her boyfriend Morten abandon corporate careers and capitalist ideals, in the pursuit of an alternative life on a secluded island off the coast of Sweden. Now their only problem is how to revitalise their open relationship which has disappeared post pregnancy, along with Louisa’s sex drive.

But when Morten meets Sofia, a passionate, ambitious woman and an archetype of Louisa’s past, it occurs to her that maybe it’s impossible for her to be the kind of woman Morten wants.

As she tries to reconcile the mother she is, with the lover she used to be, Trump’s bid for presidency triggers flashbacks of forgotten childhood trauma. In order to save her relationship and the family stability she worked so hard for, she’ll have to face and fight demons from her past… and they’re not easily beaten.