How the Access to Adoption Records Reflect Patriarchal Attitudes (USA)

There are probably over 1000 books above my desk and I know where I bought each one, even if I haven’t gotten around lovingly fingering their mustily scented pages. Unlike people, my books wait quietly for me to attend to them. The ones in-waiting tend to require a single sitting of immersive reading, but others are “meta-books” like Colin Woodward’s … Read More

How I Became The Broken Woman

Illegitimacy was in my blood, and it had tainted me. By the circumstances of my birth my honour was smirched, I was already a broken woman.

TBINAA | #MeToo: Will My Son Grow up to be a Rapist?

And if predatory behaviour is as ubiquitous among men as it appears and as I have experienced it to be, statistically it is likely that my son will violate someone, at some point, in his lifetime. That could be anything from ignorant boundary violation to, god forbid, rape.

TBINAA | What Can We Laugh at Now?: Political Correctness and Humor

What we find funny is indicative of our beliefs, attitudes, judgements and opinions. It is a useful barometer. When we mock those who by birth or circumstance are less fortunate, we become persecutors and make others our victims. We have no less duty of care for verbal abuse even through humour, than we do for physical abuse.

White woman in the mirror

Privileged white woman pain is more gradual and less dramatic than that experienced by intersectional minorities. It is insidious. Kind of like bonsai trees, white women have the innate capacity to grow to a normal size but our roots and branches are cut so that we grow far smaller. Stunted or trained along a trellis in such a way that few see, sometimes not even us.