We Are The Ugly Ducklings

But there is one aspect of identity which will never be properly resolved.I look like no-one I know…not even me. Because who is “me”?

Passenger Seat

I recoiled at her touch and thought ‘I don’t want to put cream on them. I want them to stay there so you see every day how ugly you made me.’

Being A Shapeshifter

The desire to change beckons. The voice tickles and taunts as it invites me out to play and it says… time to change, time to have fun, why so serious?

What’s Behind the Mask?

I know fear. I have felt it. What happens if you let go of the mask and there is nothing behind it? What if you are nothing good?

Why Mystique from X-Men is my Idol

If in First class she grows to realize that she is beautiful in her natural form, it is in Days of Future Past that she forges her identity.