Emerging from the Adoption Fog, Togethermore by Roderick Edwards

To explain genetic attraction someone who’s never experienced growing up without their biological family is a huge challenge, because it’s something most people take for granted. It’s an even bigger challenge if you call it by the name it usually goes by, and that’s genetic sexual attraction (because er, incest). As I’ve stipulated elsewhere on my site, I believe, in … Read More

Black Market Baby

They felt like they kidnapped me, which honestly is what I felt like from an early age, before I even knew I was adopted.

How the Access to Adoption Records Reflect Patriarchal Attitudes (USA)

There are probably over 1000 books above my desk and I know where I bought each one, even if I haven’t gotten around lovingly fingering their mustily scented pages. Unlike people, my books wait quietly for me to attend to them. The ones in-waiting tend to require a single sitting of immersive reading, but others are “meta-books” like Colin Woodward’s … Read More

How I Became The Broken Woman

Illegitimacy was in my blood, and it had tainted me. By the circumstances of my birth my honour was smirched, I was already a broken woman.

The Rapist in the Mirror

But what of the men who were genetic fathers to these lost children? Male privilege absolved them of personal responsibility.