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If you are seeking answers, about trauma, attachment, adoption, monogamy, abuse, relationships and patriarchal structures, as I have been for my entire life, you might find them here. If you don't, then being a subscriber means you can suggest avenues that you personally would like me to investigate (I'm trained in investigative journalism, so that's quite cool).

This subscription serves as my "patreon".  All the money generated from my site helps me stay independent, and funds activism, survivor support and minority-centred journalism.

I also do a lot of unpaid activism and support for abuse survivors (some private and some very public). At the same time, I'm not asking you to give me money for nothing.

No, instead I'm saying "here, have all this stuff I've spent years researching and continue to research, and in exchange, help me to live and help others get through their shit."

Which is where this subscription comes in. To make things simple for you and for me, there's just one. And it costs $5 a month. Yes, just for buying me a cup of tea and a biscuit, you get access to all of it.

It's a lot.

My academic research, my resource directories, and insight into my extraordinarily damaged (and also recovered) life. Secrets, lies, lessons & redemption. Ebooks and exclusive material.

Support my work for $5 a month & get immediate access to:

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My "On Writing" blog, where I write about the frustrations of being published, getting a film option, public reception...,

The Unexpurgated Diaries blogroll containing 80+ entries which can be or have been used in books,

A Kind of Death (chapters from the next book in the line up), and any more I start.

In a word, accessibility. Also (and most handily) if I intend to remain financially impartial in my journalism & activism, I'd like to keep each contribution low. As a subscriber you'll also get discount coupons to give subscriptions to less privileged folk. Or just direct 'em my way and I'll offer one.

You always have the direct option via paypal, as well as writing to me at

Yes. I have complete faith that if my work speaks to you, then you'll be only too happy to pay the 5$/mth. If it doesn't, then why would I take your money?