Lessons in Love

If you could travel back in time to give yourself advice during those times you were the most frightened, what would you say?

‘Lessons To my Younger Self’ is the companion guide to The Husband Swap, a true story of unconventional love in the world of open relationships.

Louisa Leontiades meets her younger self and together they probe what lay beneath the story.

What does opening your relationship teach you about the nature of life, love and yourself? Did their experience open limitless possibilities as hoped or was it all just one huge mistake?

Also available now in one volume with The Husband Swap as ‘A World in Us’

Praise & Pride

An excellent companion guide to the memoir, ‘The Husband Swap”. ‘Lessons in Love and Life’ reflects on key moments from the author’s journeys through open non-monogamy, drawing out important points which others can learn from. This is an essential addition to the self-help literature on polyamory, providing the grounding in-depth, personal stories that has been lacking so far.Dr Meg-John Barker, Senior Lecturer in Psychology
Read this book. When you’re done, read it again. The wisdom in it is hard won. Learn from Louisa’s experience. No matter who you are, no matter how you love, there is something here that can make your life better.
Franklin Veaux, Co-author of More Than Two
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