Digital Journal | Is Third World Famine Good For America’s Economy?

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A Poster Boy. If you’re exploitable enough, we might use you for PR.

In 1983 Ethiopia knew the worst famine for over a century due to a failing harvest compounded by a Marxist government who ruthlessly spent half its national budget on fighting rebels in the North.

That same year, a little boy was born in the heart of the country. His name was Erdolo Eromo. 30 years later in his birth country nothing much has changed.

For the past several months, there has been much display of public sorrow and grief in Ethiopia. But not for the millions of invisible Ethiopians who are suffering and dying from starvation, or what the “experts” euphemistically call “acute food insecurity”. Ethiopia: An Early Warning for famine 2013

Meanwhile due in part to the United States’ generous humanitarian immigration policy Erdolo is at the top of the corporate ladder in America, the Senior Vice President of Business development and Client Relations of Mobile Messenger. In his carefully crafted online profile, some headlines link his name with the brightest and best.

Mobile Executive Erdolo Eromo Predicts That The FEC Decision to Allow Political Campaign Contributions Via Text Message Presents Opportunity for Obama. Digital Journal

It’s a miracle he’s alive, let alone a powerhouse of mobile technology. Erdolo has been interviewed and profiled by countless online magazines where his blueprint for success highlights factors like hard work, giving back to others through philanthropy and other inspirational stories of strategy and structure. He’s the true American rags to riches story.

Erdolo himself attributes his success in part to Stephen Covey and his self-help business bible “The 7 habits of highly effective people” – in particular – ‘Start with the End in Mind’ which inspired him to create and publicize a plan to his mentors and his boss thus determining a sort of self fulfilling prophecy. His first break famously came when he was working as a waiter in the Cheesecake Factory which also has the dubious accolade of being voted the ‘worst family restaurant in America’ in 2010 by Men’s Health Magazine thanks to its calorific portions.

While at the restaurant on what was supposed to be his night off — he found himself serving the CEO of Payvia. He was subsequently was offered a junior position at the company. Black Enterprise

But as we are all a sum of our experiences, so most articles miss the one defining characteristic which very few people can emulate on their path to success. He came to America aged 8 in January 10th 1991 from famine stricken and war torn Addis Abba. He was hungry, vulnerable & ripe for exploitation.

I remember that day like it was yesterday to be honest. 8 years old with my mother my older brother and my twin sister. Jumping on Lufthansa to go through Frankfurt Germany and to come to the land of milk and honey. Erdolo Eromo on Black Is Online

Hunger for success. Hunger for money. And quite simply, hunger.

Because Erdolo’s life did not begin at age 8 even though the American Corporate Machine would have you believe otherwise. He thought of America as the land of milk and honey (they’ve got good PR). The land of food. It was the opportunity for him and his family was to feed themselves and escape famine. Perhaps it’s no coincidence that he got a job at a restaurant …and was even there on what was supposed to be his night off.

The American Dream is a national ethos of the United States, a set of ideals in which freedom includes the opportunity for prosperity and success, and an upward social mobility achieved through hard work. Wikipedia

And inherent in that capitalist dream is the existence of extreme poverty, hardship and impossible challenges. For if there are no hardships, there is no hard work needed to overcome them. And no opportunity for exploitation. So Erdolo predicts a great opportunity for Obama from the decision to allow political contributions are allowed via text messages. As the Senior Vice President for Business Development in a company which facilitates sending money via mobile, that’s his job. And now last month, Obama and The White House issued a press release which proposes relaxing the rules on admission of vulnerable immigrants…like Erdolo. Because it’s Obama’s job to improve the economy and admitting those desperately hungry enough to be exploited by the land of milk and honey, just might.

The proposal streamlines immigration law to better protect vulnerable immigrants….It also better protects those fleeing persecution by eliminating the existing limitations that prevent qualified individuals from applying for asylum. Fixing our Broken Immigration System, The White House

Whilst Erdolo’s success story is inspirational and a credit to him, no American dream is created by simply picking up Stephen Covey’s book and writing a plan. And I predict that those who will succeed best in the future and those who play a part in giving such a capitalist economy the boost it needs, will be those who have overcome hardship because they’re more exploitable. Notably it will be vulnerable immigrants. Because formative memories like the one Erdolo has, of the worst famine in our living history, will give you a burning hunger to succeed.