#Metoo Motivations (my own harm and privilege)

I didn’t want to believe her.  What I wanted to believe was that the harm Franklin caused was not intentional or conscious. That it was a one-off. That Franklin was a nice guy who had made a few wrong steps. I hoped against hope that it wasn’t as bad as it sounded.

Polyamory doesn’t have to be Queer

Although queer is a critique of normative identity, it’s grounded in gender & sexuality. To use it in my identity is an appropriation of the queer struggle.

The First Child Syndrome and Metamour Jealousy

I am not dismissing those fears and feelings as childhood experience. They are very real and not only because we still experience them as adults, but also because they are unhealed.

Franklin Veaux

Today Franklin Veaux is a leader and advocate in the polyamorous community; but over ten years ago Franklin Veaux was not a man whose word was respected.

Loving Off The Relationship Escalator

At what point do you define ‘being in a relationship’? Is it more than one date? Is it when you decide to be exclusive? Is it when you label each other boyfriend/girlfriend?

Born to be Polyamorous? Not Me

How we individually express our genes is not predetermined. The structure of our brains is inextricably linked to, the influences in our environment.

Nerve | Polyamory is Pain

Emotional pain is horrendous. Even more so, because it's often invisible to others.

The pain of polyamory showed me that I was in a codependent relationship. Something that had been hidden from me within my monogamous paradigm.

Lukewarm Sex, is Better Than No Sex

I’ve been taught that I must relate to the men I have sex with, for more than their penis. Not only that but, I’ve been taught to fear THE PENIS.

“Who do you love? Is it me baby, is it him now?”

I want to be honest about my preferences. If a man with a gun demanded that I pick one dessert to eat for the rest of my life. It would be chocolate. But boy, would I miss my fresh strawberries. They’re amazing and people need fruit (so I’ve been told).

“Help me. I’m Having an Affair.”

Because the part of life that contradicts the lie, goes into that lovely place called denial and resides in your subconscious. It means you don’t have to be responsible for your life. And your subconscious mind will perpetuate the lie. It will go to greater and greater lengths to support the position you have created for yourself and cover up the truth. Lies fragment your subconscious and shatter your integrity.

Tikva Wolf

I try to cover a wide variety of themes, to show the innocent humanity behind different sorts of conflicts and joys that arise within relationships.

Viktor Leberecht

There might be more acceptance for polyamory in politics than many people in Germany are aware of. It lies within the same sphere as philosophy and society.

Polyamory, This Season’s Gay

In the UK fears were expressed that gay marriage would lead down the slippery slope to ‘polygamy, bestiality, incest and paedophilia’.

But Isn’t Jealousy An Opportunity?

Isn’t it a pity that jealousy, such a wonderful red flag either of your own insecurity or your troubled relationship is suppressed, or worse validated?

Johnny Rotter

John is from the North of England. He co-admins the UK Polyamory group on Facebook, doesn’t drive a car, and has a degree in Environmental Health. But his journey was kick-started by tragedy.

A Slut by Any Other Name

I could only assume that he had mistaken the word ‘polyamorist’ for ‘rapist’. After a bout of outrage, I sat down to examine what ‘slut’ really meant.

The Hell of Monogamy

The world would prevent two people from being together who love each other because they also love and love to be with others.