If it’s Monday it must be moped

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Today I’m starting to put vocals on the music and song cycle now known as Twelvemonth. As you can see from my songbook, lyric writing is not always (rarely in fact) a straightforward affair. I work in pencil for a good reason. And don’t let anyone tell you that using a rhyme dictionary is cheating. This song is from the second cycle and … Read More


Barton HartshornThe Vault

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, twelvemonth is an archaic noun meaning “a year”. As any writer or musician will tell you, the relevance of things happening around you increases the further you immerse yourself in your work, until every song you hear or snippet of dialogue appears to have a direct link to your project.

Piano theme one

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The first theme has landed. Still not sure what final form it will take or what arrangement will accompany it but here it is in its raw form. Very easy to play. In fact if anyone would like to revisit their piano study years and post a clip of themselves playing this theme they’ll be rewarded with a download copy … Read More

The beginning

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This is Louisa’s forthcoming book “Necessary to Life” mapped out in twelve chapters; months to be precise so I can identify themes and arcs and characters. All this with the aim of writing a companion album, a soundtrack if you like.

If Death Breaks the Glass

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Life finds a way to live… even if it’s not through you. And if you don’t allow it to pass through you unhindered, if you don’t trust it to flow and celebrate its natural passage, if you stand in its way, it will destroy you… one way or another.