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Power & Privilege

I went thirty nine years before understanding about the impact of power and privilege in our lives. I bought into the shitty narrative that anything is possible if you only work hard enough. But that's just not true.

"But that means I'm a racist!"

Art by @KimchiCuddles

  • Is Borderline Personality Disorder Even A Real Thing?
    The problem with a mental illness being derived by a set of certain symptoms, is that divergence from the norm is defined subjectively.
  • Has White Feminism Appropriated Intersectionality?
    “Intersectionality as a label combines a level of abstraction with an appearance of value-neutrality”, says one European White Feminist.
  • Nurturance Culture In Action
    Through this work, an advance reader copy of Turn This World Inside Out, The Emergence of Nurturance Culture by Nora Samaran found its way into my hands. And although at 140 pages it’s only little, its impact on me has been disproportionately large. It has helped me find compassion; it has helped me connect fragments ...
  • TBINAA | Why We Should Say ‘Female Genital Cutting’ and Not ‘Mutilation’
    Mutilation depends on perspective for women who’ve experienced it. They call it Female Genital Cutting and Western feminists should listen.
  • What Aziz Ansari Did Does Not Make Him A Criminal, Unfortunately
    Power is the capacity to influence others which–notwithstanding systemic privilege–fluctuates, sometimes on a daily basis according to self esteem, personality, age, maturity and in every unique relationship dynamic. How can power be measured or compared, when there is no absolute, and perception of power is also a form of power?
  • Lovecraft Was Racist, So Isn’t That How His Legacy Should be Remembered?
    Great art changes the status quo and incites critical discourse. Lovecraft’s work, by this definition, is worthy of continued recognition.
  • TBINAA | When white people are silent in the situations of injustice, they have chosen the side of the oppressor
    It is the balance of power which determines whether an action crosses the line from hurtful to abusive. When the power dynamic is out of balance and the person with the power inflicts harm on the person with less–even when it is unconscious–it reinforces their position of power and becomes abusive.
  • TBINAA | How Do We Create Consent Culture For Our Children and Ourselves?
    Consent is not true consent where there is a power imbalance. You cannot make a free and retractable agreement about something, if that agreement is made in fear of losing your access to income, and resources–financial, emotional or otherwise.
  • TBINAA | Dear White Women: Why We Need to Stop Crying When POC Call Us Out
    Don’t do your crying in the company of people of colour. Don’t beg them for forgiveness, after all you are part of a system which abused them.
  • TBINAA | How Racism Fueled the Manchester Attacks
    Britain has never taken responsibility for the bloodshed and exploitation which built the empire. This is evidenced by Theresa May’s hardline on Brexit. We want to take without giving anything in return. We make no apologies for our xenophobic attitudes; our comedy ridicules ‘those bloody foreigners’, our narrow-minded and disrespectful behaviour often shames us in the countries ...
  • White Fragility and the path to White Depression
    Gone are the days when I positively affirmed every day in the shower, and shared uplifting memes. Now I see these past behaviours as tragic extent of mine and others’ unawareness. I thought if I changed my mindset and concentrated on dismissing the negative and amplifying positive activism, that the world I wanted would resettle ...
  • White woman in the mirror
    Privileged white woman pain is more gradual and less dramatic than that experienced by intersectional minorities. It is insidious. Kind of like bonsai trees, white women have the innate capacity to grow to a normal size but our roots and branches are cut so that we grow far smaller. Stunted or trained along a trellis ...
  • Mithridatism and the Validity of White Guilt
    Like Mithridates, the ancient Greek King who–legend has it–ingested small amounts of poison to create immunity, it is the art of swallowing what we hate little by little, of being formed by it, developing an immunity to it and even learning to appreciate the rush it gives us so we can make it in this ...
  • The Violent Birth of The Awareness Baby
    Perhaps that’s what’s so fearsome for many, they know that with awareness their current selves will never be the same again, they will be damaged.
  • TBINAA | The Cowardice of the White Woman
    Maybe it was then I first asked the question: would I risk my own life to protect the Anne Franks of this world? The answer was always yes. But hindsight is a flattering bedfellow.
  • The Fucked-up Truth of Non-Dark Alley Rape
    When you live as a woman, there is a power imbalance. It means that I would let myself be raped if I perceived a threat to my life.
  • My Privilege is Uncomfortable
    So white folk, we have a task in front of us which might seem huge, but really it isn’t. It is to face our own prejudice when the most obvious and comfortable way to survive is to stay in our bubble. It is to step up and be accountable for our ignorance, even if ignorance ...
  • Fighting My Daughter’s Racist Formula
    In-groups are formed by what we consider to be ‘relevant’ familiarity. Children, and even adults, process most of our information visually which means that varying skin tones might be not only the first but also the only indicators for who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out’.
  • Racism stigma furthers the Racist Agenda in Sweden
    One reason why this immigration was considered successful had nothing to do with Sweden’s ability to integrate immigrants; only that the type of immigrants arriving were more easily ‘integrate-able’ as is still the case today for me. At first sight therefore, when immigrants are able to fit into Swedish culture at a level which allows ...
  • Are you a Burning Woman?
    Burning Women–as an archetype in our psyche, not a prescribed gender–are rising in the form of intersectional feminists, queer activists and angry people of colour. We are the rule breakers and we demand that our voices be heard. And as we get stronger, so the forces which suppressed us wage an ever more fierce war. ...
  • Humans are pre-programmed to objectify. So how can we help it?
    Because I went. I saw Tarzan. I objectified, and thoroughly enjoyed doing so, thinking it at best harmless fun and at worst a sort of inconsequential revenge for all the years that my sisters and I have been objectified. This is what the men go on about, I thought. Yes, it’s fun.
  • When Hurt Becomes Abuse and The Dimensions of ‘Hurt’
    Many abuse victims like me, have also demonstrated the same behaviours which can be tagged as emotionally abusive. Yet they are not abusers themselves. Why? At what point does hurt become abuse?
  • How to Start Using Your Privilege by a Cis-White Woman
    To learn on one hand that I have perpetuated systemic oppressive behaviours, and on the other having to face those who have been oppressed and who are angry at me for doing so makes me want to shield myself from the onslaught which risks triggering the terror I felt as a child. But if I truly ...
  • Harlot Magazine | The Relevance Chasm between Gen X and Y
    The consequence is that I must accept the younger generation has implicit knowledge and awareness of current culture that I do not because they have easier access than I do, to their landscape. They grew up in it and they have insights that I do not.
  • Why I’m Not An Angry Feminist (Any More)
    At first, I felt guilty about not feeling angry. What had happened? Wasn’t anger a healthy expression at the outrage in the world? I should be feeling it! “Feminists,” I told myself sternly, “should be angry. There’s a lot to be angry about.”
  • Are You Truly Ready For Your Own Power?
    Great power comes, with the internet, sometimes completely unexpectedly. You cannot know power before you have it, so you cannot know whether you are ready for it. If you suddenly find yourself in a position of great power, then you can try to wield that power with responsibility and become the hero, or fail (by ...
  • Murder Is Easy
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  • What is Integrity? A Useful Model to Consider
    I must accept and welcome wretchedness for my daughter, if she is to forge her own way to integrity.

"I'm not Fragile!"

Art by @KimchiCuddles

Power & Politics

Ahot on the heels of power and privilege comes politics. These posts are flavoured with the fight against fascism.

  • How First-Person Shooter Games Affect Our Kids
    As a Mum of three, I confess. The iPad is Mummy’s Little Helper. Quarter of an hour screen time may have been allowed to slip past the thirty minute mark on occasion. Or further.
  • The Face of a Dying Breed, The European Brit
    These are the people we need to focus on nurturing as geographical and technological mobility create a growing crisis of clashing moral standards and integration of cultural opposites. He is the type of ambassador I want out in the field demonstrating the best of what it means to be European Brit.
  • Why Communists turn into Nationalists
    As causes grow in popularity, the original victims are often left behind whilst those already in power claim more space and more status by piggybacking on these issues without having suffered first-hand experience in order to promote their own agenda.
  • Overheard Conversations Are The Most Interesting
    A few choose to queue, indicating their impatience by folded arms and tapping feet. Others return chastened to their tables littered with remnants from the first round, but their bodies stay tense, mouths quivering with injustice.
  • The Local DE | Life in suspense: the refugees in Germany who can’t reunite with their families
    Jihad made a bid for a safe life as a refugee, never expecting that protecting his family would mean long term, permanent separation.
  • Bringing Attention to Atrocities in an Apathetic Western World
    But there is no victorious ‘democratic’ ending to this story. In Syria the civil uprising has gradually been transformed into a full scale civil war. Sayid and his colleagues have all lost loved ones to this war and their political is personal. Sayid’s own crime–and why he is here–was to film government violence and put it ...
  • TBINAA | What Can We Laugh at Now?: Political Correctness and Humor
    What we find funny is indicative of our beliefs, attitudes, judgements and opinions. It is a useful barometer. When we mock those who by birth or circumstance are less fortunate, we become persecutors and make others our victims. We have no less duty of care for verbal abuse even through humour, than we do for physical abuse.
  • No Such Thing As Legitimate Democracy in the U.K. & U.S.
    Thus a racist, classist and hierarchical society which favours the few over the masses cannot be truly democratic because power is unequally distributed among and through many channels. And where there is a power differential, this compromises the ability of the marginalized groups to consent.
  • Why Violence is used to Counter Fascism (in three parts)
    But the course of your chosen response in the fight against dehumanization is not necessarily dictated by your political stance. Whether you use reasonable discourse or violent protest is more likely be influenced by another factor: privilege, and how your privilege promotes your own survival.
  • What’s The Difference between A Narcissist And a Privileged Asshole?
    For me one of the real differences between narcissism and privilege is not therefore in the actions of the individual, but in the extent of their internal distortion of reality.
  • The Disenfranchised European Progressive
    There could be many potential reasons not least that to become a overseas voter is a bureaucratic nightmare, especially for those like me who left before voting age. When I eventually found the energy to jump through all the hoops, I was turned away. The electoral commission had only been formed in 2001 and when ...
  • What my White Privilege Says About Punching Nazis
    For people of colour, white ethics do not promote their survival–it only promotes white people’s survival and usually at the expense of theirs. People of colour have not been allowed voice, still today have less voice and any choice of an ethical framework–even by me, a white person–is ill-informed if it does not take this ...
  • Use Psychology to end Trump Presidency
    Donald Trump uses ‘alternative facts’ to achieve harmony in his inner world. He’s put a photo on his wall describing the crowd as a ‘sea of love’ indicative of the fact he craves adulation.
  • It always was a Post-Truth Era, the difference now is that we know it
    We have always been in a post-truth era because our interpretation of truth can only ever be subjective. Today the difference is that Trump doesn’t pretend to be objective. As a narcissist, it is impossible for him to be anyone other than who he is. I’d wager he believes his own stories, no matter what ...
  • How Trump Triggers Complex Trauma
    Like the flare up of an allergy, and since the shock of the midsummer brexit, I am now in hypervigilance. I see potential harm long before it turns into active threat. And when the red rage comes, I fight or flee to remove that potential from my environment, from my children’s environment. With the Trump ...
  • Donald, Do you want to be a Superhero or Megavillain?
    You’ve heard it in so many wise texts; power is a gift, use it wisely. And what is wisdom? Wisdom is understanding that you know very little and that that is a natural consequence in being human. You are human. And you know very little.
  • Ethics of Family Screws Democracy
    We attach to those of our ilk, beyond rationality. And few of us have enough self-awareness to overcome it. The law and our systems were designed to counteract this; ‘the law is reason free from passion’. The very concept of the American electoral system is based on a fundamental belief that some people are able ...
  • Racism stigma furthers the Racist Agenda in Sweden
    One reason why this immigration was considered successful had nothing to do with Sweden’s ability to integrate immigrants; only that the type of immigrants arriving were more easily ‘integrate-able’ as is still the case today for me. At first sight therefore, when immigrants are able to fit into Swedish culture at a level which allows ...
  • To Those Who Advise Compassion for Trump Supporters
    If you are not at the centre then don’t shit on the person whose been hurt – your job is to support them. If you yourself need support in order to do that, bitch to people who are less affected by it; comfort in, dump out… On a macro scale don’t give more burdens to ...
  • What Greater Good is There Than Integrity?
    But when people are dear to me, I feel they deserve more than ghosting. They deserve at least an attempt to explain why our relationship will be changing. The choice is not binary of course, we could simply be less in each other’s lives. I could reduce contact, fobbing them off with excuses until I ...
  • Trump, Weltschmertz and Me
    I’m not laughing anymore. I’m crying because what this farce of an election has done, is to uncover evil in my own home, in my own friends and yes, also in myself. It has torn the veil off those relationships I believed were rock solid. Not because my world or social circle are anything like ...
  • Britain & Her Island Mentality
    But when you dig down into the voting statistics, some very obvious truths surface. Those like me–generation X,Y or post Y and/or many with immigrant heritage–voted remain. Almost half of us. The baby boomers voted leave. Was it their fear of change?
  • Torn Between Two Worlds and Ableist Language Shaming
    Experience inadequacy and confusion when you go out, try to grapple with vastly different public transport systems, inadvertently miss bill payments because the sheer volume of foreign administrative mail takes literally days to wade through. Be misunderstood for your communication and have people shout louder at you thereby triggering your childhood trauma. And then spend ...
  • What’s my problem, you ask? I’m English
    Our pop music and comedy is brilliant; in fact our cultural output in general is second to none. I’m proud of it even if sometimes I wonder whether our creativity isn’t because we have a tiny little resentful piss artist inside of all of us.
  • The Ground Zero Debate — A disappointment to the Founding Fathers
    But Ground Zero could have been a metaphor for our future intentions. We Westerners could have been ‘the bigger person’. As the name so aptly suggests we could have started to communicate from zero. The playing field was – literally – level.
  • Digital Journal | How China’s One-Child Policy Got it Wrong
    In the 1970s, the Chinese government believed that the only way to solve the strain on its resources was by enforced birth control because they fundamentally misunderstood the relationship between population growth, poverty and hunger.
  • Digital Journal | Is Third World Famine Good For America’s Economy?
    n 1983 Ethiopia knew the worst famine for over a century due to a failing harvest compounded by a Marxist government who ruthlessly spent half its national budget on fighting rebels in the North. That same year, a little boy was born in the heart of the country. His name was Erdolo Eromo. 30 years later ...

Business & Tech

"What do you mean you shouldn't read the news on Facebook?"

Art by @KimchiCuddles

  • Boy, You’ll Be A Woman… Soon
    For a woman like me–a die-hard fan of The Rocky Horror Show who lustfully watched Sweet Transvestite on loop –the news that Chanel launched it’s first make-up for men on September 1 2018 in South Korea, was wildly exciting.
  • Life without Facebook? Is there any chance for escape?
    Depressingly, a portion of those ‘success stories’ who did not return to Facebook had simply replaced Facebook with other social media. Far from extracting themselves from an algorithmic life, they had only jumped out of the proverbial frying pan into the fire.
  • TBINAA | How Do We Make Online Feminism Less US-Centric?
    I work as an online feminist activist. English might be a common language for the US & UK, but it also erases important differences.
  • One Alternative Sex Shop Leads the Way in Consent
    Sex shops themselves serve as a kind of a sex-toy curation service and could theoretically buy healthier selections for their clientele. That’s a responsibility few sex shops choose to shoulder in a capitalist system where sex sells.
  • TBIBAA | When My Relationship With Facebook Became Non-Consensual
    Like all abusive relationships, getting out of Facebook once you’re in, is difficult. I’m reducing my interaction with it click by painful click.
  • Move over ‘Lunch break’, here comes ‘Sex Break’
    So a friend of mine has been looking for an assistant. A sign of the times we are living in, he posts a job description on Facebook and receives 15 applications within 2 days. He tells me about the interviews and how he has an excellent woman in mind for the job. I joke saying ...
  • Celebrating the Magic of a Coca Cola Santa Claus
    I would like to tell them about the wonderful man who gave to the poor. I would like to show them the legend of the Yule Lads from Iceland and get excited at how they have 13 Santas, not just one. I would like to explain how Coca Cola pulled off the biggest marketing marvel ...
  • Quit The System
    When you work all day and every day in a system where psychological manipulation and powerplay are used to create winners and losers, you are not acting with integrity, you are acting in ‘opposition’ and ‘conflict’. When you don’t act in integrity, you are fighting life itself. You are not being true to yourself.
  • Why My Business Has Destroyed Friendships (and Why it’s Okay)
    It’s true that business and money is more often used for power and superiority. Good business in economic terms is defined as charging more money for a product or service than what it costs to produce. The difference is supposed to be made up in value. However value is often added by that elusive category ...
  • the Guardian | Comment threads? They’re a fight to the death. Look, you know I’m right.
    In the online world, protecting your reputation and your voice is survival; so much so, that if someone has made an fool of themselves in public and been proven wrong, they will – nine times out of ten – leave the forum and choose to eradicate their presence; in other words, they commit a sort ...
  • Is Your Virtual Life Killing You?
    f there is one universal truth, it is that we are hardwired to form relationships, both transient and long lasting, inside of marriage and out. And although one of the greatest philosophers said ‘I think, therefore I am’, in my mind it is much more likely to be ‘I love, therefore I am’. Never have ...
  • How LinkedIn Stops You From Getting Jobs
    As we turn our self-absorbed gaze to how best we can all be portrayed on the web from Facebook and Twitter, to Pinterest and YouTube there is one giant in the online CV world called LinkedIn. And yet LinkedIn has a startlingly, and increasingly glaring flaw. It portrays your entire work history and professional persona, ...
  • How Economic Growth Dulled Our Brains
    But now we are seeing the results of our systemic stupidity. Greed for profit through drone working, has created the greatest depression since the 1930s. It has made us unable to respond to the demands of our changing society.
  • The Misinformation from Media Mavens
    thought a knew a fair amount about environmental issues and even more about the English language. But when a friend passed me over an article about a contraption promising to make fracking ‘greener’ I was confronted with two challenges. Reading about the unknown, in an unknown language. And yet it was in English. What ...
  • Pink or Blue? A Question of Dress
    My collective decisions about my children’s environments shoehorns them into an identity. My boy is only allowed to be a soldier, a rapper, or a sportsman.
  • A Toast To The Pervasiveness of Porn
    I’ve studied porn statistics for years since part of my job as a financial analyst is to forecast content demand for many high profile telecom firms. Yes, we talk about it in the board room with a straight face.
  • Technorati | I’ve seen the Future, And it’s Stepford
    Audrey Hepburn is seen here in CGI glory advertising a bar of galaxy chocolate. And at first this seems relatively innocuous. But appearances (as we know from Stepford) can be deceiving.
  • Technorati | What’s your Online Battle Cry…And does anyone care?
    My cause is not children in Africa or maltreated cows, and it’s not that I don’t have compassion for them. But my battle is to repair some of the dysfunction caused by the society and environment I grew up in; sex negativity, maternal narcissism, fluid relationships… and if I am to manage even part way, ...

Society & Entertainment

Okay, what I really mean by entertainment is Marvel. But also other stuff. These tend to be lighter posts than the rest of my writing. Fun has to be had somehow, even when my idols are dead and my enemies are in power.

"The world is run by abusive white men but fun will be had, goddamnit."

Art by @KimchiCuddles

  • Is it Reasonable to go Cold Turkey on Plastic?
    Biopolymer looks & feels like high quality glass, but has the weight of plastic. Above all of course, it’s not plastic.
  • Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String
    With time restrictions therefore, my options are few; but I’m determined to make it work. After all between an apocalyptic future exploding in glorious glitter, and any other future where presents look like World War Two rations, I’ll go for the latter.
  • Thor Ragnarök: A Baby Step in Equality
    World building, as Marvel has proven it can pull off over the last decade, is a skill I admire, it’s an escapist’s ultimate playground–yet my aversion to imperialism and the influence of a feminist education on how I perceive fictional heroes and supervillains ate holes in the fabric of my appreciation.
  • Harry Potter Normalizes Abuse
    Maybe it’s my depression that twists a rainbow world into shades of grey. Or maybe the Order of the Phoenix really is a minefield riddled with C-PTSD.
  • Are We Allowed to Objectify Kim Kardashian’s Butt?
    If Hollywood sells a film thanks to Alexander Skarsgård’s torso, has he given his consent? Is it ok if Kim Kardashian sells with her butt?
  • Purple Prose ushers in a new era of Bisexual Visibility
    The ideas that Purple Prose lay out are not new; but they are published. Publication does a lot to validate ideas in our world since our collective unconscious recognises validity most often through third party verification.
  • An Ideological and Political Commentary by Captain America: Civil War
    Captain America’s treatment of Bucky promotes restorative treatment of someone who has unwittingly abused his power, because he himself was abused.
  • Cringe Comedy, Why ‘The Office’ Succeeded Across the Pond
    Consequently, success in British cringe comedy is more often to be found in dry, dark verbal humour where jokes preferred in the US might be perceived by Brits as too obvious and schmaltzy. The British are more likely expect you to do the work and join the ironic dots if you want to laugh. ...
  • Britain is a Eurovision Loser
    I’d like Britain to be a part of that, I’d like Eurovision to become less of a guilty pleasure and more a resounding celebration of popular music for all countries. I’d like to see even more countries became involved in it (Australia please stay, you were great), for Eurovision to become a concept rather than ...
  • Avengers, Not The Age of Ultron
    The film is a fest of destruction; it moves from violent sequence to violent sequence excepting some rather trite but nevertheless humorous macho competition around Thor’s Big Hammer.
  • Fifty Shades of Hollywood
    Was ‘The Breakfast Club’ ever shouted down from every corner of the internet as romanticizing abuse? No, on the contrary it was effusively hailed as a testament to the human condition. How is it different to ‘Fifty Shades’? Well for one, Anastasia leaves after the beating she actively demanded, she calls him on the unacceptable ...
  • How Sherlock Became SHERLOCK
    In order to write this article, I was forced to watch Robert Downey Jr for a full two hours because that’s how dedicated I am to my work.
  • The Secret Suprahero Identity of Birdman
    What if Riggan wanted no longer wanted to be defined by his power as the superhero he portrayed allegorically through a cult character Birdman, but as an actor of ‘worth’ having made it on the Broadway stage?
  • Why My Mother Hated Grease 2… Along With The Rest of the World
    No, the problem with Grease 2 was that it portrayed the T-birds as dumb losers and the Pink Ladies who were too savvy to fall for their crap, versus Grease where the T-birds were also dumb losers but had incontrovertible rights to the Pink Ladies’ sexuality.
  • Sophia Gubb
    I think a lot of people see gender as something malleable. That I put on a dress and act like a woman, so one day I could choose to act like a man again.
  • They Called Me ‘Mr Glass’…
    In the film Unbreakable Samuel L. Jackson plays Mr. Glass. A man whose bones shatter like glass. A man who was constantly mocked as a child. He is sick, angry and broken.
  • The Beauty Pageant
    It might be traditional, but it’s certainly not about empowering women. And neither, by any stretch of the imagination is the Miss World competition which puts impossible ideals of beauty on a pedestal notwithstanding the charitable acts of its contestants.
  • ‘Episodes’ ~ A Satirical Lesson in The Dangers of British Communication… by Americans?!
    Beverley’s appalled by the superficiality of L.A., the exposed ‘rude’ emotion of her colleagues and uncomfortable with the physicality of the embraces from virtual strangers. Does she say anything? No.
  • Sex At Dawn by Chris Ryan & Cacilda Jetha – How Sexual Monogamy Might Kill Us All
    The development of our language and society has fed into this narrative. Bastard children and sluttish women are degraded and ostracized from the herd; they are disgusting. Men are the winners in all of this… or are they?
  • Why Good Will Hunting Is A Classic
    Will’s youth has been destroyed. He lives in violence and poverty. He’s the impossibility of a janitor being a world class genius. Good Will Hunting is the irony of beauty amid destruction. Love in pain. Joy in misery.
  • The Real Reason We Love Downton Abbey
    Downton Abbey has a secret ingredient. Want great ratings? Give the viewers a spoonful of death with their afternoon crumpet.
  • The Decline of Pepper Potts… Iron Man 1-3
    We’re used to women falling in love with men, not because they’re emotionally healthy or good for them but because they’ve managed to kick terrorist ass.
  • 7 Lessons from Anne of Green Gables ~ A Definitive Guide to Life
    Anne is enduringly popular not only because these books recount the beautifully scripted highs and lows of a life well lived, they also present a definitive guide to life contained in the voice of just one fictional character (and very occasionally her friends).
  • Is Jack Bauer To Blame For Conspiracy Theory?
    Whilst conspiracy theorists are right about bankers being assholes (okay, #notallbankers) and the Snowden files prove that the conspiracy nuts were not (just) nuts, assimilating just one fictional conspiracy theory from 24 will make you more likely to buy into others.
  • Pop Music IS Real Music…Get Over It
    When you live with a pop song writer you are forced to admit that your Mum might have been wrong about Radio 1 (it’s not just the cleaner who listens to it).
  • Alex The Lion’s Guide to Positive Parenting ~ Madagascar 2
    In our increasingly complex debate about what gender equality is, and is not, it’s an obvious parallel that the Alex who cannot fight, but can dance is not only a real lion, but also is not a real ‘man’.
  • Why Mystique from X-Men is my Idol
    If in First class she grows to realize that she is beautiful in her natural form, it is in Days of Future Past that she forges her identity.
  • Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
    Personal belief systems count. But so do circumstances and choices. Some of us have really hard circumstances and really hard choices to make.
  • Confronting Bi-Erasure In The Mirror
    Women like men, fear rejection. Coming out as bisexual by dating another woman without a man present, changes your relationship to men and the world forever. If you question the hetero-norm of society by your actions, you become a threat. It’s that simple.
  • The Common Classism of Katie Hopkins
    Middle class Britain is all about the classism climb. The car, the schools, the money. But you can never climb out of the middle class.
  • The Girl behind the Mask by Stella Knightly
    In fact, the girl behind the mask is exceedingly enjoyable on so many levels for me. Not least the awakening my sexual ardour after so much downtime as a new Mum.
  • Sex 3.0 by JJ Roberts
    The goal of the book – as outlined by the author at the beginning – is to provide a new map for relationships. But no book can persuade readers through only emotionless hard analysis, psychological half truths and noticeably ‘masculine oriented’ sweeping assumptions about women and their motivations.
  • The Lies of Legally Blonde
    What she achieves – and surely what all girls should aspire to – is an offer to join a prestigious law firm (where no doubt she will take an 80 hour work week and still have time for exercise and manicures) and a proposal of marriage. Splendid.
  • Why Wedding Planning is Big Business
    hen I was at my all-girls school my biology teacher blew a condom up like a balloon and brandished it in front of our faces. “Never let him tell you it isn’t big enough.” She shouted. Those of us close enough to smell the spermicide, tittered nervously and gazed at her admiringly. This was cutting-edge sex education. ...
  • Inspired Economist | How Fair is Fairtrade?
    When Cadbury came along with their capacious wallets, they wanted to make their biggest seller – Dairy Milk – Fairtrade. Did they though?
  • Sheryl Sandberg a Feminist Icon? Give me a Break.
    Personally I like to measure my success in this life by how content I am with my circumstances, how happy my children are and how much opportunity I create for me and those around me (and not only in professional terms). I am no saint, but I have realised that it is impossible for me ...
  • Technorati | What Did Whitney Really Want…
    Whilst I didn’t know Whitney, I do know about the desire to escape one’s own life. Drugs of all types – whilst providing freedom and oblivion which can be temporarily stimulating, exciting and comforting are in no way a shortcut.