If you’ve got small kids and you’re already in a polyamorous relationship, or are thinking of opening your relationship and have concerns… then you’re in the right place.

Many of my clients in polyamorous relationships have similar concerns around their kids. So similar in fact, that most will have at least one of the following three:

  • How to Balance Your Needs With Your Children’s Needs
  • How to Deal with Children accidentally outing you to conservative friends and family
  • How to Cope with the Impacts of a partner leaving the relationship

There are solutions–many of them tough to swallow–but that’s what parenting is about. Suddenly having to make the difficult choices and assuming a lot more responsibility than you ever thought your shoulders were ready for.

I can help you find the solutions which are right for you.

And then I can support you in making the tough choices.

But before you read further, I want you to know that this thirty day programme is worth £500 (approx. USD $720).

Why am I ‘breaking’ the sales rules and telling you this upfront?

  1. Because I don’t want you to waste your time or money, if this is not for you
  2. Because what we will explore is going to be tough and you need to commit
  3. Because I will also spend a large proportion of that month researching and recommending resources tailored to your particular situation

Who is this for?

You’re already stretched thin in terms of time management. You have few close support structures around you who are open to discussing–without negative moral judgement–the implications of opening your relationship on your children. You’ve hunted around the internet for information, but most of it riddles you with self-doubt.

What you need is unbiased information and in particular an objective analysis of your family’s situation plus some mitigation strategies in your pocket. Does this sound like you? Read on.

Why would you work with me?

My name is Louisa. I’m a polyamorous author, coach and parent. My partner of who-is-not-the-father is very close to my children. I love that. In fact, I wouldn’t have let the relationship get that far if he hadn’t been beneficial to my children’s world. They’re are too small for me to be spending a lot of time away from home.

But of course I worried.

  • What if even after all my scrutiny, he’s an abuser and I don’t recognise the signs?
  • What if he undermines their father’s position in the family?
  • What if he leaves when they love him so much?

A couple of years I had to look at the last question even more seriously, when he was diagnosed with liver cancer. Teaching toddlers about death is not easy and I must have asked myself hundreds of times whether by bringing him into our lives, I was harming them through my own ‘selfishness’.

And then there’s my metamours… a whole bunch of questions come up to the surface when your partners’ partners come into your life, and more importantly into your children’s lives. What are their moral values? Do they have other kids who interact badly with your kids?

Those questions–and others–have been my constant preoccupation (and as a writer and researcher I’m lucky to have the time to investigate). I’ve read extensively and applied various parenting techniques in my household. Again. And again. And again.

If you have concerns, don’t waste time trying to discover the (fairly buried) resources that I already have at my fingertips. As we explore your terrain together, we’ll also find new solutions.

Of course children change. Just when you think you’ve got them figured out, they change again. That’s the nature of the beast and my children are not your children.

But if you’re on this page it’s because someone recommended me or you’ve already read some of my work and it’s helped you better understand you, your relationship and/or your kids’ environment.

I don’t have a psychology degree (even if I will be recommending some in depth psychological reading), instead I have life experience which has worked. As an adoptee, I was part of an intentional family growing up, and my kids have been born into one.

Spend 30 Days To Get Some Clarity & Confidence

The details…

We can’t focus on everything in just 30 days. So you will choose one–just one–of the three problems listed and we’ll address it.

  • How to Balance Your Needs With Your Children’s Needs
  • How to Deal with Children accidentally outing you to conservative friends and family
  • How to Cope with the Impacts of a partner leaving the relationship

When you’ve chosen one we’ll have,

  • Three 90 minute online sessions (Kick-Off, Check-In and Close)
    1. Day 1: A safe space to explore your situation in depth
    2. Day 15: Check-in and modification of recommended actions if necessary
    3. Day 30: Review of changes and impacts and further recommendations
  • Throughout the month, an unlimited two way email support detailing
    1. Feedback, actions & recommendations
    2. Responses to one off issues occurring in this time
    3. A list of recommended reading

You will need the thirty days to read the material and recommendations and start applying them in your home. As you can see, addressing just one problem will take focus and I want you to make every day count. I will supply you with resources, advice and a safe non-judgemental space to explore your deepest darkest concerns.

But this programme is not for you if:

  • You are not willing to do the work
  • You are not willing to examine your own values with an open mind
  • You want me to support your own beliefs instead of telling you the truth

I won’t promise it will be easy, because it will require confronting fears, dismantling beliefs, and forming new habits. But I can promise that every minute you spend will be worth it. You will understand yourself, your children and the hidden risks and consequences a lot better.

I’ll be giving my everything to support your family during this time and I want you to do the same. If you’re ready to book, please use the form below and schedule your first session.

I look forward to working with you,


Note: Because this takes time, I can only take on a few clients every month.

***You will not be invoiced until I have confirmed your first appointment.***

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