Louisa Leontiades

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Will You Find Yourself In These Pages?

If you've struggled to forge your identity after adoption trauma,  narcissistic relationships, abuse, or through exploring a non-normative sexuality and lifestyle, you can journey with me. This site is about uncovering wounds, understanding a different perspective. My own struggle to know who I am and break free, is expressed on this site in both answered and unanswered questions. I hope that my experiences, analysis and research will help you find and forge yourself.

Many folk struggle to forge their identity. But women, who are supposed to be mothers, whores, virgins, carers, unpaid (and uncomplaining) domestic servants, and more have a particular set of erasures to deal with. My work is centred round this erasure, and the battle to make our own choices in a patriarchal society which regards the male way of being as the norm. Women are a flawed deviation (or objects to sexualise and serve).

Who am I? Here's one answer:

I'm Louisa Leontiades, an inclusive feminist originally from the UK, with credits in the Guardian, The Local, Salon, Nerve, Jezebel, The Body is Not An Apology, Digital Journal, Inspired Economist, & Huffpo. I write about privilege, psychology, mental health, abuse, adoption, polyamory, power, parenting, trauma, sexuality, shame and cultural clashes.

I'm also a published (Thorntree Press) and self-published (under the brand Inner Worlds) author of "The Husband Swap" series. One won an award, another is under option for a film. Comments are on.

*The Body Is Not An Apology hashtag is taken from author Sonya Renee Taylor's book "The Body is Not An Apology"