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Will You Find Yourself In These Pages?

Western society supports those whose identities lie at the top of the privilege hierarchy, i.e. white, cis, straight men in standard nuclear families. But the same system disempowers anyone who isn't in this category. My activism and personal experience is as an adoptee, an abuse survivor and a queerish woman in an open relationship. Accordingly, this site categorizes my work under three lenses I've named,

It's about Identity Erasure...

Many folk struggle to forge their identity, but some of them are disadvantaged from the start.

Adoptees lose their heritage, genetic mirrors and all identity markers at a very young age, often leading to lifelong interpersonal issues.

Women (adoptees and non-adoptees alike), are supposed to be mothers, whores, virgins, carers, unpaid (and uncomplaining) domestic servants. They have even more erasures to deal with.

Queer folk are often required to suppress their identity, simply in order to live without abuse. Many more create a false identity to live a tolerable life.

None of this is okay.

My work is centred round these areas of identity erasure, and the battle to make our own choices so that we can be who we are. Who am I? Here's one answer out of many:

I'm Louisa Leontiades, a feminist adoptee and activist originally from the UK, with credits in the Guardian, The Local, Salon, Nerve, Jezebel, The Body is Not An Apology, Digital Journal, Inspired Economist, & Huffpo. I write about privilege, psychology, mental health, abuse, adoption, polyamory, power, parenting, trauma, asexuality/sexuality, shame and cultural clashes.

I'm also a published (Thorntree Press) and self-published (under the brand Inner Worlds) author of "The Husband Swap" series. One won an award, another is under option for a film.

*The Body Is Not An Apology hashtag is taken from author Sonya Renee Taylor's book "The Body is Not An Apology"

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