According to the Oxford English Dictionary, twelvemonth is an archaic noun meaning “a year”.  As any writer or musician will tell you, the relevance of things happening around you increases the further you immerse yourself in your work, until every song you hear or snippet of dialogue appears to have a direct link to your project. I could mention pregnant women noticing far more other pregnant women as being part of the same “seeming” coincidence phenomenon, but that seems a little off topic and Sherlock would disagree anyway.

Back to Twelvemonth, whose existence I became aware of two days ago whilst plumbing the depths of musical composition and trying to match the moods and themes of the “Necessary to life” to musical moods and themes. Twelevemonth popped up on my computer as word of the day. Louisa’s book is divided into months and I needed a title – or at least a subtitle. My computer not only knows what I should be buying from Amazon, it also knows which words I need on a daily basis. Useful…a bit scary though.

Just in case there are some of you out there who doubt I’m actually doing anything here’s a photo of my studio at the end of a three day session. Yes alright it doesn’t constitute legal proof but it’s usually a bit tidier than that.  And it’s not just a badly framed photo – the radiator in the foreground was used as a percussion instrument.

Music for the first three months are completed. I start Winter today…

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