The beginning

Barton Hartshorn Twelvemonth

‘What is it?’ you ask. An example of bad colour coordination? An exercise to show young persons how we used to live before excel? No… not at all, neither.

This is Louisa’s forthcoming book “Necessary to Life” mapped out in twelve chapters; months to be precise so I can identify themes and arcs and characters. All this with the aim of writing a companion album, a soundtrack if you like.

I could also take a picture of the rest of my studio but as it just shows a scary amount of paper strewn all over the floor – more post it notes – and indecipherable sheets of music manuscript I’m afraid of stressing Louisa out.

So here’s what’s happening: one book, one album. Separate entities yet linked. I’ll be posting something more recognisable as music once I’ve tidied up a bit.

My name’s Barton Hartshorn and don’t worry… I have done this before.

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