The Emotional Objectification of Our Children

I believe that consistent and repeatable actions during childhood, no matter how small, will build up mental models that we continue to follow as adults. The flaps of butterfly wings do indeed sometimes cause hurricanes. Calling out and correcting unhealthy parenting techniques in myself and others, even I seem pedantic in doing so, means that we can stop hurricanes before they start. Giving children agency and responsibility too early before they are ready to assume them, will result in a catastrophe. Too late, and we risk disempowering them.

Help! My Poly-Xmas Was Emotionally Exhausting

Dear Louloria, I’m very happy with my life – normally. But this Christmas and NY, which is our first proper holidays where everyone is acknowledged by all our families, has been emotionally and physically draining for me. Various families have met for the first time and we’ve held three separate celebrations as well as one all together, in order to support …