The Fucked-up Truth of Non-Dark Alley Rape

In Abuse, Sexual Shame, Vile Depths by Louisa Leontiades

I explain that when you live as a woman, there is often a power imbalance. And that power imbalance means that I would in all likelihood let myself be raped if I perceived a threat. And seeing as the prevalent power imbalance means that threat is ever present, rape is always a viable possibility.

Now We Are Six

In Complicated Roots, Parenting-General by Louisa Leontiades

But six does not look as A.A. Milne described it in my childhood. Truth to be told, I now realise that it never looked like that, I only wish it did. Six is brutal and I’m feeling its brutality again through my children. It is not reasonable or rational. It is brutal.

Note to Self

In Beastly & Beautiful, Psychology, Self-Esteem by Louisa Leontiades

Your limits are otherwise known as your boundaries, they’re what you use to protect your power, to govern it responsibly. They’re what allows you to interact healthily with others.

Humans are pre-programmed to objectify. So how can we help it?

In Beastly & Beautiful, My Feminism by Louisa Leontiades

Because I went. I saw Tarzan. I objectified, and thoroughly enjoyed doing so, thinking it at best harmless fun and at worst a sort of inconsequential revenge for all the years that my sisters and I have been objectified. This is what the men go on about, I thought. Yes, it’s fun. Besides, surely the price of a cinema ticket makes no difference in the grand scheme of things…. does it?