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Posts tagged as “polyamory”

Time, the Cost of Consent and Parallel Polyamory

Juggling time is a huge deal in a open relationship if the type of open relationship you have means investing in every relationship you develop. And it's not only in your intimate relationships, it's time spent with their parents, their brothers, sisters and depending on how close they are, cousins, uncles, aunts and the rest. It's the emotional labour of negotiating holidays, cultural and family traditions and personality dynamics.

A look at “The Polyamorous Home”

Countless Facebook group responses advise leaving the home and/or partners if boundaries are crossed. But what if you feel that leaving simply isn't an option? What if boundaries clash because of a conflict of two valid and sometimes non-negotiable belief systems?

Thought Catalog | How Polyamory Healed Our Codependent Relationship

Since codependency attracts codependency in every relationship, the phenomenon becomes polarizing and in a quad or more, exponential. And if you're polyamorous, codependent couples will attract codependent couples to play their games.

Salon | When your boyfriend loses his lover

He speaks of her. Of memories. Of what-ifs. Of his confusion. I try my best not to think guiltily about my own lover, my other significant other, sleeping in the bedroom. This heartbreak is his alone. And I am the lucky one.