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5 Hard Truths About Adoption, Adoptive Parents don’t want to Hear

When I grew up and found my natural parents, there was of course no gold crown waiting for me. Just a realization that I was the rather ordinary product of a tawdry affair where responsibility for my presence was passed off to a childless married couple desperate for a child of 'their own'. I was a possession.

40 Seemingly Irrational Moments Only Parents Understand

You make the choice of restaurant based on how big the pram parking area is and the quality of the play activities given to your children beforehand. The food will probably be shit (but that's not what restaurants are about nowadays).

7 Things I Thought I Would Never Do As a Parent

No matter how much organic produce you buy or exciting names you invent for vegetables, there are some things your child will not eat... although this long list is cut in half if you drown them in ketchup.

3 Blunt Truths from an Open Relationship

Since meeting other partners we've come to value the time we have together more. Partly and simply because there is less of it. You have to work hard to keep the original relationship going whilst being swept off your feet by the newness of other relationships.

6 Zen Lessons from Your Child

You think that sticking those scribbles with magnets onto your fridge shows your child how proud you are of their Picasso-like inclinations. It doesn't.

They don't care about it, because their pleasure was in the doing. As we cling or worse, frame our favourite documentation of our children's achievements so we teach them that the outcome is more important than the journey. The result is more important than the effort expended, the pleasure experienced and the time sacrificed.