The Rapist in the Mirror

The powerful emotional link that binds families who grow up together often manifests itself in curious ways when adult adoptees meet their biological families. Yet as common as it is, few want to touch it because–well–incest. But this issue needs more awareness, and not only because according to recent reports it’s on the rise. Also because I believe that it’s a fertile ground for a particular type of abuse.

The Abusive Reunion (Part 3 – reframing)

I met my biological father when I was 21. An adoptee, desperately seeking the face for an identity she had yet to form. Our meeting was hidden from my adoptive parents and facilitated by my biological mother who had yet to realize the reality of the man who was my father. The man who would become my rapist. And as …

The Abusive Reunion (Part 2)

I went to university in Plymouth. Home of Ritzy’s nightclub, Plymouth Pavilions and sailors. Sailors are notorious for their promiscuous habits and it seems very unsurprising to me now, that my biological father was a sailor. I was headed back for the second year of university; away from the trauma of meeting my father for the first time, to more, …

The Abusive Reunion (Part 1)

At the time I didn’t know there was such a phenomenon called Genetic Sexual Attraction; if I had, I might have been able to intellectualize what was happening. But I doubt it. Because at 21 although legally an adult, I still had the naive mind of a child. A child who simply wanted love and acceptance, and who’d been searching for it her whole life.