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You’re a blogger. One of the millions who don’t make money. But slowly your work grows a following. People appreciate what you write, guest bloggers recognise that your blog might get them some traffic.

This is what happened to my blog, so much so, that the guest bloggers all with equally beautiful writing and messages, drove my small journal into becoming a medium of self expression for many, a voice for those who had previously been suppressed. Keeping their writing under Louisa Leontiades, felt somehow like I wasn’t recognising their valuable contribution. In more intersectional terms, I felt I was erasing their voices.

So I’ve pushed my fledgling out of the nest. It is reborn as Postmodern Woman (a domain name which I conveniently also owned) and will be managed by my new partner-in-crime… introducing Michon Neal.

Michon Neal

We believe…

Michon and I have never met and in many ways we’re opposite. She’s American, aromantic, kinky, genderqueer, pansexual, differently abled and a person of color. I’m British, cisgendered, heteroflexible, fairly vanilla and Caucasian! But we’re also kindred spirits. We both believe in giving voice to those who need to be heard, particularly women – and helping them recognise their power. We’re also both prolific writers and love blogging about relationship anarchy, sex, consent, shame, pain and many more NSFW topics. We write to question the norm. And because we love it.

Our blog at Postmodern Woman has an open door policy where people can express their pain, ask their questions and be vulnerable (and be supported in it). Challenge the norm!

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