Polyamory’s #metoo (to whom it may concern)

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To Whom It May Concern

Iam currently working as part of a transformative justice process and assisting a survivor pod, a team of people set up to support those harmed by Franklin Veaux's behaviours in his capacity as a leader in the polyamorous community, the author of The Game Changer, co-author of More Than Two–A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory.

On February 11th 2019, the survivor pod released this statement on Medium:

On Light and Shadow: Polyamory’s #metoo

There is no shortage of corroboration for Franklin's harmful behaviours. I personally have taken the testimony of five women, and read/listened to the supporting testimony of several others. In the interests of full disclosure, I am in the final semester of a Masters in Journalism, in Berlin, although I have published many articles and three books (two by Thorntree Press which is co-owned by Franklin Veaux) prior to taking this course. It has come to my notice that Franklin issued a status on Facebook, which I believe pertains to me.

"I've just been told that a person who is a close friend of my abusive ex has been going through my blog entries dating back eighteen years and emailing women who have been connected with me...claiming to be a "journalist" looking to uncover the truth."*

I have indeed spent the past months approaching various people and/or potential witnesses in the capacity of a journalist to establish the truth as far as I am able, behind the evolution of the modern polyamory movement (in particular, the role of Franklin Veaux), and done extensive web research in order to corroborate and support the testimonies submitted to me.

Although my position on impartiality is different as I work from a subjective angle, that aside I adhere to the German Press codex which stipulates a code of ethics regarding (among other things):

  • Truthfulness and preserving human dignity
  • Care
  • Corrections
  • Limits of research
  • Professional Secrecy

In addition to this, my work will form part of a thesis which will examine how the growth of an unregulated movement via the internet and social media helped to disguise these behaviours for so long. This thesis will not be published.

If you want to submit your own story, you may do so using the google form designed by the pod specifically for this purpose and which you can find here: Sharing Stories of Franklin Veaux's misconduct

If, for any reason, you prefer to contact me directly, you can do so on an email which I have set up for the purpose and which is delivered straight to me on: survivorstory [at] louisaleontiades.com

My role in this process is to support and protect the survivor stories as much as I am able, especially by cross checking and referencing different testimonies. I will work to protect your story and your experience, by integrating supporting evidence, again with your consent. I will create the narrative from the survivor accounts, in order that harmful patterns of behaviour over decades can be more easily identified.

All conversations with me are confidential, although I will ask to record them with your consent. However your specific and explicit consent must be given to share the story with anyone outside of me–if you use the direct email address–or me and Jakob Liljenwall (if you use the google form)–since he is managing the story collection process. Your confidentiality is paramount in this process.

With hope and healing for a better world,

Louisa Leontiades, February 11th 2019

*Note, that originally this was a screenshot which was forwarded onto me. However it was pointed out to me that I was compromising the privacy of some innocent people who had 'liked' the post. They were right, and I'm sorry.

For more information, please follow: https://medium.com/@fv.survivor.pod

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