Birth Trauma

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Pethidine locked me away in my own pain prison far away from the delivery room. I rocked myself moaning quietly in the foetal position whilst blue shadows flitted across the room ignoring me, now I was ‘manageable’ and in an altered state of reality.

The Maternal Narcissist

Louisa Leontiades Complicated Roots, Maternal Narcissism

If I were to tell people my schooling was paid by three scholarships they might smile politely. If I were to tell them I studied piano for 12 years and was accomplished enough to perform in public, they might be impressed. If I were to tell them that I won every form prize in my junior school, won countless competitions for speech and drama, poetry reading, …

What’s your Online Battle Cry…And does anyone care?

Louisa Leontiades On Writing, On Writing-Publicity

The other day I was accused of being sexist because I ‘tweeted’ out against female genital mutilation. The pushback was that I should have apparently been non-gender specific because male genital mutilation in the form of circumcision happens to. My boyfriend said ‘Isn’t that like saying “How dare you sponsor a child in Africa? What about all the children in …

The Good Girl

Louisa Leontiades Abuse, Abuse-General, Vile Depths

Alexia was gorgeous and pouty with jet black hair down past her waist. She was ‘imported’ from Romania, but her boyfriend who was also the club owner said she was first generation Italian because that was better for his reputation. She stood every night in the corner of the club sipping rum and coke, dressed in satin blacks and high …