Can You Save Your Relationship by Opening it?

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My own experience – and the experience of many others I’ve talked to – tells me it’s unlikely that opening a relationship will ‘fix it’ (unless the ONLY problem really is an incompatible predilection for non-monogamy and trust me, most people have more than just one thread to their issues). It’s kind of like having a baby for the same reason. You have to relearn everything you thought you knew about what you thought you knew. It is a mind-blowing journey and doing it for the first time, means mistakes. Tons of mistakes.

Skinny Dipping in Sweden

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As she climbed naked down the ladder, she said ‘Watch for the light from the microorganisms ‘ And as she threw herself into the water her lit up ghostly self followed her as microscopic bioluminescent creatures emitted flashes of light as a fear response to the movement of the water. It was amazing. Nudity and magic.

A Day of Parental Paradox

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Today when I arrive at nursery, my daughter is playing outside with the other children. I see her hiding behind a screen and popping out like a jack in the box to the repeated amazement and delighted applause of her teacher. ‘Ta-dah’! She does it 5 times before she spots me. And when she finally does see me, she leaps out and runs across the yard …

The Vagina Dialogues

Louisa Leontiades Sexual Shame, Vile Depths

The genitals are the hottest place on a woman’s body. It’s from here that our power emanates. It’s the organ that gives birth to our babies. It’s the organ that gives us the greatest physical – and maybe spiritual – pleasure you can know here on earth through sex. When you reflect on it (which I don’t normally), vaginas are amazing.

High Functioning Alcoholic

Louisa Leontiades Addiction, Vile Depths

But here it is from the horse’s mouth. Being an alcoholic is frequently exhilarating. Sometimes dangerous. And always an adventure. Sure, it is also a nightmare. You are spurned and adored in equal measure. People know that you can be counted on to create party, drama and a spectacle (albeit sometimes at the expense of yourself), whilst also providing the fodder for endless gossip. It can kill relationships and in the worst cases, damage innocent bystanders. Thus in no way do I advocate it. But my journey through alcoholism allowed me to uncover who I really was. And that has ironically saved my life.