Poking The Beast

The beast lies in all of us.

The beast helps equip us for survival, and it does a remarkable job. Sometimes it drives us to work for the benefit humanity. But it may also harm others, whether inadvertently or intentionally. We are responsible for the beast, and should be accountable for the harm we do.

My work is about shining a light on the harm.



Three so far and many more pending (hopefully). One may, slight may, be made into a film. Someone I trust has taken an option out on it, and I'm hoping for a good exploration of human relationships on the big screen.  Another won an award, which earned me a distinguished place on the family pin board.

Do you dare jump in?


My writing over the last decade shows clearly what type of person I used to be, and how my beliefs have changed. From copywriting, brand placement and online marketing to the more political, privilege informed type of accountability journalism I focus on today.


There's around 500 posts on this site. I keep devising new methods for helping folk get around it. So don't be surprised if you come back next week and the site has changed. Also I've categorized and tagged the shit out of it.

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