Note to Self

In Beastly & Beautiful, Psychology, Self-Esteem by Louisa Leontiades

At your wit’s end, is an expression your mother used. You’ve copied it and used it. But you were never aware of what it meant until now. To be at the end of your mental and emotional limits, to be over them. Because you’ve found that there is an infinite and painful abyss beyond your limits. It’s that time you start sinking, drowning. It’s when your power starts to drain. It’s when it’s too late to stop it.

Your limits are otherwise known as your boundaries, they’re what you use to protect your power, to govern it responsibly. They’re what allows you to interact healthily with others. And if you cross them, everyone suffers.

You have a tendency to rush to the rescue for some obscure desire to feel better about yourself. That’s not great, but it’s okay if you also remember you need to keep your reserves for yourself.  They are there for you.

Note to self: Support others but never forget that you also need support.