If it’s Monday it must be moped

Today I’m starting to put vocals on the music and song cycle now known as Twelvemonth. As you can see from my songbook, lyric writing is not always (rarely in fact) a straightforward affair. I work in pencil for a good reason. And don’t let anyone tell you that using a rhyme dictionary is cheating.

This song is from the second cycle and has the unusual title “Drive your moped across the sea”

With most of the music for Twelvemonth finished – except a problematic piece at the start of the third cycle – I start recording vocals today with various musicians dropping into the studio throughout this week to add their parts…
For the 99.9% who can’t read my scrawl here’s the second verse…

Come to me
I’m helpless I declare
I’m hooked on this feeling of love
and I’m reeling I swear
Come to me
Oh trade your set of wheels
For something the ocean
can set forth in motion for real
Come to me

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