Beware of Feeding Sharks

Louisa Leontiades Addiction, Vile Depths

Addiction might be called a curse, but that’s only one way to look at it. Alcohol addiction used to be a way of tapping into a power I didn’t have, a release of pain I had trapped inside me.

Could You Stop Drinking In An Alcoholic World?

Louisa Leontiades Addiction, Vile Depths

They say if you can’t imagine going to a party on a Friday night without alcohol to socially lubricate your interactions then you have a dependency on alcohol. But if I am to give myself any label at all nowadays, I would say I am a mild alcoholic. But ‘mild alcoholism’ is still alcoholism.

Quelling Anxiety with the Oblivion of Alcohol

Louisa Leontiades Addiction, Anxiety, Vile Depths

I rarely travelled further then a 2 kilometre radius and more often than not, I brought the party back home (10 people partying in a 13 squared metres apartment, that’s no mean feat).

Why? Because I knew that the closer I was to my bed, the easier it would be to pass out safely.