TBINAA | When white people are silent in the situations of injustice, they have chosen the side of the oppressor

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It is the balance of power which determines whether an action crosses the line from hurtful to abusive. When the power dynamic is out of balance and the person with the power inflicts harm on the person with less–even when it is unconscious–it reinforces their position of power and becomes abusive.

TBINAA | How Racism Fueled the Manchester Attacks

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Britain has never taken responsibility for the bloodshed and exploitation which built the empire. This is evidenced by Theresa May’s hardline on Brexit. We want to take without giving anything in return. We make no apologies for our xenophobic attitudes; our comedy ridicules ‘those bloody foreigners’, our narrow-minded and disrespectful behaviour often shames us in the countries we visit.

Huffpo | Want a Pulitzer Prize? Death’ll Do It

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Fortunately for those of us who aren’t inclined to make the epic effort it requires to wade through the opening pages of Hemingway’s epic piece of literature–as boring as it is wise–you can satisfy your hankering for death and survival in almost every current Richard-and-Judy-stickered novel out there, from Harry Potter to The Lovely Bones.

Huffpo | Don’t Revisit your Childhood, on your Children

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As the world evolves, so humanity remains essentially emotionally the same. One part angel, one part devil, all of us suffering from the influences of religion, society and our parents. All of it crystallized in sharp relief within the hellish prison of childhood. I always said I’d never forget…and yet now I have children, I find myself getting annoyed because … Read More

Inspired Economist | How Fair is Fair Trade?

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But when Cadbury came along with their rather capacious wallets, what they wanted was to make their biggest seller – Dairy Milk – Fairtrade. In the report, they said, ‘We get all our cocoa from the same place and we can’t make everything Fairtrade because it would cost too much. And we can’t tell you which bit of the cocoa is Fairtrade and which isn’t because it ends up in the same melting pot.’