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Posts published in “Psychology”

Have You Consented to Your Life?

You are not your mind. You have a mind and you can be the master of it. It is by truly understanding this that you may begin to make choices which will empower you. And that's when you begin to live a consensual life.

How You Manifest Your (Painful) Reality

I want to remind you of something you and almost everyone out there has forgotten. We are all born without judging ourselves perfect or imperfect. And then we start. Because 'bad emotions, bad parents and bad feedback have more impact than good ones.' Once upon a time someone you loved told you that you were not perfect. You internalized it and it became your belief. You acted accordingly.

Comment threads? They’re a fight to the death. Look, you know I’m right.

In the online world, protecting your reputation and your voice is survival; so much so, that if someone has made an fool of themselves in public and been proven wrong, they will – nine times out of ten – leave the forum and choose to eradicate their presence; in other words, they commit a sort of social suicide.

A Robust Belief System

In my life I have built a structure for my belief system which helps me understand the madness and chaos of this world. It's not unique, but it is tailored to me as all of our must be. It is only one of my belief structures, but I would say the default one and hinges on if...then... statements (and not only because I'm a fan of excel).

The Magnificence of Me

I cannot admit I am magnificent in public, or even in private, because doing so would turn me into a person I myself dislike. Someone big headed and cocky. Someone society would hate.

Love Yourself First

There’s a rumour going round that goes something like this. You won’t truly be loved by another until you love yourself. It’s been repeated in…