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Posts published in “The Jealousy Journey”

How To Stop Feeling Jealous

If you feel jealousy, it means that you also feel need and possession. Accept this. The difficulty is eradicating it. The only way you know you have eradicated it is if you stop feeling jealous... which presents a problem.

In your head because need is so strongly associated with love, to stop needing someone also means to stop loving someone. And you don't want that. You will fight hard to keep 'needing' someone because it is what you think love is. But I want you to know that even if you think that your love will be diminished if you take away the need, it won't be.

Why Jealousy is a Wonderful Opportunity

The mind perceives it as a loss of the self and creates insecurity as a means of survival. After all, if your mother were to disappear before you are able to take care of yourself, it might mean death. But this pattern established in our formative years, no longer serves us as adults. Losing someone no longer means death. Rationally we know it. And yet relationship after relationship we reinforce it (some idiots even sing about it).