Why Is There No Unicorn Hunting in Sweden?

All this history has left a legacy in the personality of a Swede. They are more likely to believe in consensus decision making. They are more likely to be highly suspicious of so called democratic coalitions which create an imbalance of power where minority voices might be suppressed. Or where majority vote might enforce violent action. They are less likely to adhere to notions of hierarchy.

Schrodinger’s Child

I stayed up all night looking after her and at 6am Freddie awoke wanting to play. Morten and I were exhausted. But when I looked at them still I felt, it was all worth it. And smelling of sick, I still burned for them.

Are Open Relationships on the Rise Just for the Hell of it?

Longevity, geographical mobility and the decline in traditional religious beliefs are reasons commonly given for the perceived upswing in open non-monogamy. Yet these reasons don’t explain anything but why the prevailing dishonest non-monogamous solutions might increase.

Relationship Fluidity Instead of Relationship Anarchy

After months of reflection, I also have grave doubts about appropriating the term relationship anarchy even though the principles outlined in the short manifesto by Andie Nordgren suit my relationship style.

Help! How do I let my crush know that my marriage is non-monogamous?

Dear Louloria! I live in a very happy marriage, me and my husband are deeply and passionately in love with each other and this is very evident to people who are around us. We both have a big capacity for love, and I have always been polyamorous but haven’t seen this as a life style option until a while ago …

Help! What is Ethical About Polyamory?

Dear Louloria, I consider myself polyamorous. Full on polyamorous. Or at least I did until I was trying to debate with a friend about the ethical component of polyamory. I defined polyamory as consensual, ethical and responsible non-monogamy.  I realised that I’m down with the area of consent and responsibility but for me, consent and responsibility *is* what is ethical about polyamory …

Help! I’m a bi-woman crushing on a het-woman

Dear Louloria, I met a women around my age yesterday evening, and had a great time playing cards, drinking at a bar and conversing with her. This is the first romantic crush on a cis-woman I have had, and would definitely describe us as mutually romantically flirting. She asked if I wanted to be walked home, to hug, for a …

A Pragmatic Approach to Polyamory and Parenthood

Polyamory also allowed me to spread emotional risk. Long time practitioners of polyamory would be appalled by this–they call it the ‘training wheels’ mentality and it objectifies others. They’re right. It does. And I did.

Help! Does Jealousy Mimic Childhood Relationships?

Dear Louloria, Would love your opinions on something I’ve been pondering: in my immediate mono and poly friends I think I’m seeing a link with the amount of jealousy you feel and the amount of jealousy you felt towards siblings as a child. For example, I don’t remember having any such feelings towards my younger sister, quite the opposite. And …

Ask Me About Polyamory by Kimchi Cuddles

Today’s comic books are no longer the quiet solace and expression of an alternative community. The mainstreaming of high fantasy and Marvel’s recent success in bringing their comic universe to the cinema gives mainstream credibility to those seeking to make their minority voices heard through pictorial form.

Help! My Boyfriend and His Primary GF Are Falling Apart

Dear Louloria, I have been a secondary partner in my poly relationship. Recently my boyfriend and his girlfriend have been having a lot of relationship issues. The rift between them has caused a shift in our dynamic. We all live together, and even our sleeping arrangements have even changed. My boyfriend and I, I feel, have become the primary relationship, …

Help! Am I a Cheater or Am I Polyamorous?

Dear Louloria Recently I heard about polyamory. I’d heard of open relationships of course, but I did not know it had a name or what polyamorous really meant. My question is that I do not know if I am. On the two occasions when I have had a monogamous relationship long-term, I ended up falling in love with others. People believe that if you …