Manifesting The Dream Job

Louisa Leontiades On Writing, On Writing-General

It’s taken courage to keep writing honestly in the face of criticism (although I must admit, it was easier because I was far away from people I knew). My (old) friends think I’m crazy. Self destructive. Wallowing in self pity. Which is really weird, because I’m shinier and happier than I have ever been in my life.

Money for Writing Lies

Louisa Leontiades On Writing, On Writing-General

There’s an argument afoot that the changes should come from the top. That we have no chance of making it in this world “when society rewards lying and cheating, and punishes whistleblowers”. Honesty in our society is not rewarded.

What’s your Online Battle Cry…And does anyone care?

Louisa Leontiades On Writing, On Writing-Publicity

The other day I was accused of being sexist because I ‘tweeted’ out against female genital mutilation. The pushback was that I should have apparently been non-gender specific because male genital mutilation in the form of circumcision happens to. My boyfriend said ‘Isn’t that like saying “How dare you sponsor a child in Africa? What about all the children in …