Hating my Book Babies

Louisa Leontiades On Writing, On Writing-General

I’ve never had any patience with the whole tortured artist thing. And now I am one. But as it turns out torture isn’t exactly the right word, it’s more like ‘itchy’ (but ‘the itchy artist’ doesn’t sound as good).

Murder Most Instinctive

Louisa Leontiades On Writing, On Writing-General

Survival is our ultimate skill, our ultimate goal and our ultimate curse. It is the most powerful instinct we have. It can turn the meek into indiscriminate killers, acting out of fear. It can drive otherwise loving and rational folk to protect their religions at any cost. It can force those people who identify strongly with their social status, to corporate crime.

God Is An Author

Louisa Leontiades On Writing, On Writing-General

Let’s say that there is a God, he of the bible who smites cities, he of the old testament who drowns armies in seas. I understand why he might do such things, without compassion or a twinge of remorse. We are his spirit of imagination; breathed life into us, and so, he creates, kills and destroys – just for fun. And then watches how we evolve. If he doesn’t like it well hey, there’s always a plague of locusts he can send in chapter three. He can press his delete key at any moment because what he gives, he can also take away. Or can he?

On This Morning’s sofa…

Louisa Leontiades On Writing, On Writing-Publicity

My amazing publicity agent organised a spot for me tomorrow to promote The Husband Swap on a British telly programme – ITV’s This Morning – hosted by Philip Schofield and Amanda Holden. I’m terrified. Basically because a) I used to have an enormous crush on Philip Schofield when I was 10 b) It’s easy to deliver a reasoned opinion about …