When My Relationship With Facebook Became Abusive

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Facebook is not a news feed. It is an opinion feed where subjective ignorance is lauded and verified journalism denigrated simply by creating a false equivalence. It is a he said-she said feed. And I cannot stay in a relationship with anyone or anything which undermines my ability to trust in myself. I am thrown back into gaslit trauma where there is no security, no clarity. It is the screeching of chaos and now I must make my own order.

The Undue Influence of Media Mavens

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I thought a knew a fair amount about environmental issues and even more about the English language. But when a friend passed me over an article about a new contraption promising to make fracking ‘greener’ I was confronted with two challenges. Reading about the unknown, in an unknown language. And yet it was English. What the Frack? Fracking is a technique used to release …

What’s your Online Battle Cry…And does anyone care?

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The other day I was accused of being sexist because I ‘tweeted’ out against female genital mutilation. The pushback was that I should have apparently been non-gender specific because male genital mutilation in the form of circumcision happens as well. My boyfriend said ‘Isn’t that like saying “How dare you sponsor a child in Africa? What about all the children …