Britain is a Eurovision Loser

I’d like Britain to be a part of that, I’d like Eurovision to become less of a guilty pleasure and more a resounding celebration of popular music for all countries. I’d like to see even more countries became involved in it (Australia please stay, you were great), for Eurovision to become a concept rather than a ‘club’ where certain member states are allowed to participate.

Move over ‘Lunch break’, here comes ‘Sex Break’

So a friend of mine has been looking for an assistant. A sign of the times we are living in, he posts a job description on Facebook and receives 15 applications within 2 days. He tells me about the interviews and how he has an excellent woman in mind for the job. I joke saying ‘don’t pick someone based on how hot they are.’ His dry response is ‘well that’s why I picked to work with you.’

The Beauty Pageant

It might be traditional, but it’s certainly not about empowering women. And neither, by any stretch of the imagination is the Miss World competition which puts impossible ideals of beauty on a pedestal notwithstanding the charitable acts of its contestants.

How To Make Magic in Your Life

When my friend returned from her mushroom trip back in 2004, she described colours that I hadn’t heard of. Patterns that I couldn’t see. And a feeling that there was so much more. It was like there was Magic, she said – everywhere, if only we knew how to find it.

Quit The System

When you work all day and every day in a system where psychological manipulation and powerplay are used to create winners and losers, you are not acting with integrity, you are acting in ‘opposition’ and ‘conflict’. When you don’t act in integrity, you are fighting life itself. You are not being true to yourself.

Why My Business Has Destroyed Friendships (and Why it’s Okay)

It’s true that business and money is more often used for power and superiority. Good business in economic terms is defined as charging more money for a product or service than what it costs to produce. The difference is supposed to be made up in value. However value is often added by that elusive category ‘brand’ which rarely brings genuine empowerment, but often pulls emotional insecurities to trigger demand…making one person the winner and the other, the loser (and that’s not about empowerment).

3 Reasons Why You Should Question Christianity

All sin, therefore, has its roots in what they call ‘idolatry’, which is the attempt to put something or someone in the place of the Creator (especially yourself). This is why vanity (self-idolatry) is a deadly sin in Christianity – woe betide you might cotton on to the fact that you are truly magnificent without God.

Why Living Without Cars has Given Me Freedom

Many grass fields on our island are cut manually with scythes. We’re not Amish. It’s a question of cost-benefit. The fields simply aren’t profitable enough to necessitate the purchase of a combine harvester. Likewise, the haystacks are hand made and the whole community mucks in.

Is Your Perfect Job Worth Your Integrity?

The ad said ‘Wanted: A Concept Creator & Storyteller who likes to be seen and heard.’ It might as well have said ‘Wanted: Louisa Leontiades’ …or rather Louisa (No Leontiades). ‘Your email will be firstname.lastname@[companyname].se’ said the IT guy. ‘Ah so Louisa.Leontiades@[companyname].se?’ I said. There was a long pause. ‘I think we’ll just go for Louisa@[companyname].se then…’he said thoughtfully. ‘No …

How Freedom can Kill

My unhappy oppressed soul had been searching for escape. Any escape. And the escape I needed, was to be an adult even as a child. Because an adult was free.

How LinkedIn Stops You From Getting Jobs

As we turn our self-absorbed gaze to how best we can all be portrayed on the web from Facebook and Twitter, to Pinterest and YouTube there is one giant in the online CV world called LinkedIn. And yet LinkedIn has a startlingly, and increasingly glaring flaw. It portrays your entire work history and professional persona, relevant or not. And misses out those brilliant Amazon reviewing skills you do in your spare time which might just contribute to your next job as a Product Manager.

The 100K Bike Race

“Do you actually know what 100 kilometres is?” said my boyfriend. “It’s 10 times 10.” I said facetiously. Seriously it doesn’t mean much to me. “It’s ten Swedish miles, not english miles.” “Huh?” I said. Then my father in law came over and he said ~ “We laughed about it. We thought you must think that the race is well, 10 …