How I learned that Mental Illness was not a Personal Failure

We talk a lot about sexual objectification but rarely look at the bigger picture. An object exists to serve a purpose and in many instances we are objectified in order to serve society. If I could not be the obedient girl, if I could not pay my own way, if I was not a good mother… if I wasn’t another brick in the wall, then I was redundant, useless to the world.

The Violent Birth of The Awareness Baby

Trump wants to make America great again, Theresa May wants to take Britain out of Europe. What they mean is that they want to return to a simpler more ignorant time, one where white people could exploit others–be parasites–without accountability. Abort the awareness baby. Abort.

Sacrificing integrity for the greater good. But what greater good is there than integrity?

But when people are dear to me, I feel they deserve more than ghosting. They deserve at least an attempt to explain why our relationship will be changing. The choice is not binary of course, we could simply be less in each other’s lives. I could reduce contact, fobbing them off with excuses until I achieved my desired effect. But that reduces their power of consent. If they knew how I truly felt about their values and/or consequent actions, then they may choose to cut contact altogether.

Do You Also Choose To Suffer?

Did I choose to suffer when I was beaten by a man who said he loved me? I would have told you no. Never. And anyone who told me otherwise I would have deemed cruel. Privileged. But now it seems I am a person who embraces that truth. And admitting that maybe, just maybe, I am both cruel and privileged (the latter is certainly true).

The Myth of ‘One People’

The hard part is when those people who’ve been your loyal supporters, even friends over many years come across a showstopper in your thinking. Something which they decide personally offends them. Many of my articles are controversial and have been notable both in a number of new followers and in those who abruptly stopped following.

Why It’s Good to Be Wrong

So if there is anything I can say about wisdom at all, it is that wisdom involves having a truly open mind to recognize that we are wrong at every turn (and that this is a good thing). That our past experience might mean more knowledge, but if anything this detracts from remembering that we know very little.

Can We Trust Self-Help?

We are all vulnerable with our own individual life circumstances. And with the increased accessibility of information we are also more likely to seek out the quick fix solution because quite simply it is in our nature.

7 Lessons from Anne of Green Gables ~ A Definitive Guide to Life

Anne is enduringly popular not only because these books recount the beautifully scripted highs and lows of a life well lived, they also present a definitive guide to life contained in the voice of just one fictional character (and very occasionally her friends).

How Much Personal Development Is Right For You?

Personal development is not a means to an end for me. It is the end. I intend to live life experimentally until I die. Pushing the boundaries and expanding my awareness. Constant growth and change seems right now to be the way for me to reach my highest potential and my ultimate happiness.

So You Think You’re Enlightened. You’re Not.

Enlightenment is one of those words that people use to designate their superiority. When you are determined to do everything you can to develop personally, it’s difficult to see those around you who are content with doing nothing to better themselves or to change the world.

Your True Identity & The Perfection of Failure

We all have the ability to observe and evaluate our actions and remain untouched by them. But sometimes we identify so much with our ego-identity and its narratives that we fall into and perpetuate the drama.

Life is a Journey with No Destination

Discover the truth about your own motivations. Then discover that even your truth is not constant and be able to accept this. Truth changes, which means that to be a seeker is not a destination, but a never ending path (and then you die).