Sometimes An Epidural is Best for Baby

Louisa Leontiades Family

My way, would be natural I’d decided (with not a little smirk of superiority). A water birth, maybe with a kick of gas and air to get me laughing like Uncle Benny in Lethal Weapon.

Murder Is Easy

Louisa Leontiades Family

Then the Iraqi war comes. And with it Americans and British soldiers with their feet on naked men wearing hoods over their faces.

Grieving the Grandmother I Never Knew

Louisa Leontiades Adoptee Experience

Because it was courage that my mother showed in telling no-one for 21 years, and giving me up to strangers. For the sake of herself and for the sake of her family she did the hardest thing anyone can ask of a mother. Because even as her daughter, I was not part of their family and in the 1970s could never be a legitimate part of it.

How To Love After Maternal Narcissism

Louisa Leontiades Maternal Narcissism

One of the biggest dangers of growing up with a narcissistic mother, is that you will believe that the relationship you have with her is a loving and rewarding one. And even if you don’t it’s the original relationship which created your idea of what a relationship should look like. Which means that one day soon, you’ll be going out with a narcissist yourself.