Why I Teach my Children that Violence is Sometimes Unavoidable

Because the non-violent lessons I have taught her meant that I neglected the most important one. The one about respecting your own boundaries and protecting your own body. Instead I apparently encouraged my daughter to be a good cog in the kindergarten system, to report it to an adult and in doing so taught her to go against her instincts and passively accept violence on her body. She became a victim, because I taught her it was the right thing to do.

The Truth About Lying (to Kids)

When I’ve said this in the past, there has always been a follow up question. ‘So you, who believe in honesty… do you lie to your children? Do you expose them to the harsh realities of life?’

Sometimes An Epidural is Best for Baby

My way, would be natural I’d decided (with not a little smirk of superiority). A water birth, maybe with a kick of gas and air to get me laughing like Uncle Benny in Lethal Weapon.

Murder Is Easy

Then the Iraqi war comes. And with it Americans and British soldiers with their feet on naked men wearing hoods over their faces.

7 Things I Thought I Would Never Do As a Parent

No matter how much organic produce you buy or exciting names you invent for vegetables, there are some things your child will not eat… although this long list is cut in half if you drown them in ketchup.

The Great Vaccine Debate

It takes a steel heart to stand up to that amount of pressure from people you care about, even if you believe in vaccines.

Will Being Parents Make you or Break You

Many people don’t think it through before they have kids. Indeed such a level of forethought is not possible. And besides, having kids is something you do usually as a matter of course in our society. Its part of the relationship escalator.

The Terror of Leaving my Children

I can smile and make jokes, I can wear the mask. But when I’m alone in the kitchen or in the shower, my eyes start to leak and I dig my fingernails into my palms.