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Posts published in “Polyamory”

The Power of Polyamory Through Wonder Woman

How could there be any benefit in having another loving adult added to the parenting mix? Or in the simple logistics that three parental figures make less work? I'm not about to refute the potential impact of my children's loss and heartache, if my boyfriend-who-is-not-the-father (WINTF) would ever leave, but people do break up, move away and die all the time and you don't have to be in a relationship for that to happen.

The First Compersion

And so when she said she wanted to meet me after spending a magical evening with my boyfriend, I screamed with joy and threw my hat in the air. Well at least metaphorically (I am British after all).

Hot or Not? A Case Study of Sexual Objectification in Online Dating

There are acts and there are consequences. When you're a woman with a constant barrage of messages, most of which focus on your appearance, you can become dismissive and even sick of having to reply to them. It creates a greater propensity to dismiss those who have reached out. To treat them like objects. Sarah made her selection on whether she found the image attractive. She objectified the men who had objectified her.

Interview With Franklin Veaux ( 2014)

Today Franklin Veaux is a leader and advocate in the polyamorous community; but over ten years ago Franklin Veaux was not a man whose word was respected.

He was not the man whose articles about agency and consent have been shared thousands of times across the internet. And if his site was popular, it was only because it caused such controversy and such upset in the polyamorous community that it was - like others issue like abortion - highly divisive.

Loving Off The Relationship Escalator

At what point do you define 'being in a relationship'? Is it more than one date? Is it when you decide to be exclusive? Is it when you label each other boyfriend/girlfriend?

Born to be Polyamorous? Not Me

For those who define themselves as polyfidelitous, swingers or even monogamous, they have chosen the relationship structure which suits them best because of the way their brains, minds, genetic needs and prior relationships have created their sense of selves and who they feel they are.

My Boyfriend’s Marriage

I hunger for more validation. More than being embraced by his family, which I am. More than us all being accepted by my friends, which we are. I hunger for the type of validation that marriage brings.