The Hell of Monogamy – A Polyamorist Perspective

Louisa Leontiades Activist Polyamory, Epic Relationships, Polyamory, Unfenced Relationships

As we watched and took lessons from the hell that is the monogamous struggle for the perfect relationship, the one and only, I threw up. It wasn’t just the hangover… The reminder of the fear, anxiety, and utter shame I had felt for years from living and trying to live up to a monogamous paradigm was brought up quite literally in the form of the pizza I had eaten at 2am the night before.

Conversations with Franklin Veaux: An Uncommon Dialogue

Louisa Leontiades Activist Interviews, Epic Relationships, Polyamory, Unfenced Relationships

In the online poly world there are a few figures that come to the fore. Most of those – unsurprisingly – have websites. Others have written books (or are about to!). I caught up with Franklin Veaux of More Than Two fame to talk about jealousy, game-changing relationships…and more. Many people believe that polyamory is a choice – a conscious …