They Called Me ‘Mr Glass’…

In the film Unbreakable Samuel L. Jackson plays Mr. Glass. A man whose bones shatter like glass. A man who was constantly mocked as a child. He is sick, angry and broken.

Coraline and The Other Mother

Coraline will become her puppet. She will give her eyes, she will sacrifice her unique perspective on the world, and lose herself to her other mother’s vision of herself.

Raf & The Robots by Sarah J. Corner ~ Alternative Literature for Children

I loved ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea‘. My dog eared copy had followed me round in 22 different houses, over the course of 33 years. And I looked forward to reading it to my daughter. When she was two, I fondly touched the face of the friendly tiger of my childhood as I told her that he ate ‘all …

Why Good Will Hunting Is A Classic

Will’s youth has been destroyed. He lives in violence and poverty. He’s the impossibility of a janitor being a world class genius. Good Will Hunting is the irony of beauty amid destruction. Love in pain. Joy in misery.

The Real Reason We Love Downton Abbey

It’s one of the hotly denied aspects of our lives, that we are in fact obsessed with death of all kinds. Constantly (to which the traffic jams alongside accidents can attest). Steadfastly (because it is the only thing of which we can be certain). And not only in the physical kind. Social death driven by ‘unacceptable’ acts was in Britain at least, once worse than physical death. We only need to examine literary history to see it.

The Decline of Pepper Potts… Iron Man 1-3

Power is not what a woman wants or needs. She cannot control it. Because Pepper is not new and improved, she is broken. Luckily Iron Man is there to ‘fix’ her.

7 Lessons from Anne of Green Gables ~ A Definitive Guide to Life

Anne is enduringly popular not only because these books recount the beautifully scripted highs and lows of a life well lived, they also present a definitive guide to life contained in the voice of just one fictional character (and very occasionally her friends).

8 Things I Wish I’d Known About Polyamory by Cunning Minx

The challenge lies then, not with this book (which is quite frankly the best intro to poly problems I’ve found), but with human nature and the way we create our knowledge; Clue…it’s not just from other people’s experiences.