Mary Poppins & The Attention Seeking Child

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I can’t make my child into an adult before she is ready to become one. You cannot give the third eye of adulthood to your child, they must develop it themselves. I cannot explain to her yet that perhaps the reason she withdraws is because she thinks it is the best way to get our attention. And even if I could it wouldn’t mean she could stop doing it.

The Game Changer by Franklin Veaux ~ A Trail Through The Trackless Wilderness

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In his long awaited book “The Game Changer: A memoir of disruptive love” Franklin Veaux delivers the back-story of how he’s become one of those biggest names. It’s not what the book is meant to show perhaps, nevertheless that is what came through for me simply because he honestly describes the process of how he’s become the man he is today.

Cringe Comedy, Why ‘The Office’ Succeeded Across the Pond

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Consequently, success in British cringe comedy is more often to be found in dry, dark verbal humour where jokes preferred in the US might be perceived by Brits as too obvious and schmaltzy. The British are more likely expect you to do the work and join the ironic dots if you want to laugh. America delivers humour to your door in superbly constructed sets of punchlines.

Britain is a Eurovision Loser

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I’d like Britain to be a part of that, I’d like Eurovision to become less of a guilty pleasure and more a resounding celebration of popular music for all countries. I’d like to see even more countries became involved in it (Australia please stay, you were great), for Eurovision to become a concept rather than a ‘club’ where certain member states are allowed to participate.

Lust Life – A Movie by Stephanie Sellars

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A ‘Don’t ask, Don’t tell’ agreement was in Stephanie’s case made between the husband (her lover) and his wife without taking into account her rights or feelings. Indeed, it was agreed even before she came onto the scene and was not open to negotiation.

Twice ~ A Movie by Sarah Arlen

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But for those who are monogamous – especially as explored in Twice – the paradigm of a monogamous male with a polyamorous female – the struggle is wholly different. Society emasculates their stance as they struggle with opinions which may define them as cuckolds, whilst shame and guilt compound the difficulties.

Fifty Shades of Hollywood

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Was ‘The Breakfast Club’ ever shouted down from every corner of the internet as romanticizing abuse? No, on the contrary it was effusively hailed as a testament to the human condition. How is it different to ‘Fifty Shades’? Well for one, Anastasia leaves after the beating she actively demanded, she calls him on the unacceptable nature of his actions but Claire goes out with her abuser.

How Sherlock Became SHERLOCK

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In order to write this article was forced to watch Robert Downey Jr for a full two hours because that’s how dedicated I am to my work.