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Louisa Leontiades A Taste of Sweden, Politics

In my old life I was constantly distracted. My preoccupation with consumption, money to live and struggle to achieve in my career despite the recession. The battle to live in our beautiful city and sustain our way of life blocked my ability to be open.

A Toast To The Pervasiveness of Porn

Louisa Leontiades Sexual Shame

I’ve studied porn statistics for years since part of my job as a financial analyst is to forecast content demand for many high profile telecom firms. Yes, we talk about it in the board room with a straight face.

Skinny Dipping in Sweden

Louisa Leontiades A Taste of Sweden, Politics

As she climbed naked down the ladder, she said ‘Watch for the light from the microorganisms ‘ And as she threw herself into the water her lit up ghostly self followed her as microscopic bioluminescent creatures emitted flashes of light as a fear response to the movement of the water. It was amazing. Nudity and magic.

The Abusive Reunion (Part 2)

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I went to university in Plymouth. Home of Ritzy’s nightclub, Plymouth Pavilions and sailors. Sailors are notorious for their promiscuous habits and it seems very unsurprising to me now, that my biological father was a sailor. I was headed back for the second year of university; away from the trauma of meeting my father for the first time, to more, …

The Abusive Reunion (Part 1)

Louisa Leontiades Abuse, Abuse-General, Adoptee Experience

At the time I didn’t know there was such a phenomenon called Genetic Sexual Attraction; if I had, I might have been able to intellectualize what was happening. But I doubt it. Because at 21 although legally an adult, I still had the naive mind of a child. A child who simply wanted love and acceptance, and who’d been searching for it her whole life.

The Vagina Dialogues

Louisa Leontiades Sexual Shame

The genitals are the hottest place on a woman’s body. It’s from here that our power emanates. It’s the organ that gives birth to our babies. It’s the organ that gives us the greatest physical – and maybe spiritual – pleasure you can know here on earth through sex. When you reflect on it (which I don’t normally), vaginas are amazing.

The Great Dairy Farming Hoax

Louisa Leontiades A Taste of Sweden, Politics

As she paused for breath I felt my unborn baby move in my belly and my eyes, filled with tears. The image of calves so young that they still had their umbilical cords and the horror of calves being taken away from their mothers was too painful to think about.

The Good Girl

Louisa Leontiades Abuse, Abuse-General

Louisa was gorgeous and pouty with jet black hair down past her waist. She was ‘imported’ from Romania, but her boyfriend who was also the club owner said she was first generation Italian because that was better for his reputation. She stood every night in the corner of the club sipping rum and coke, dressed in satin blacks and high …