The Budget Hotel

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It is the last hour of an all-inclusive buffet breakfast, so naturally the serving platters are empty–scraped bare of pale yellow mass-produced scrambled eggs and ‘greasy-less-than-crispy’ bacon. A few choose to queue, indicating their impatience by folded arms and tapping feet. Others return chastened to their tables littered with remnants from the first round, but their bodies stay tense, mouths …

One Alternative Sex Shop in Berlin Leads the Way in Consent

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Germans are more sexually adventurous than their European counterparts according to one unofficial survey, carried out across Europe by Björn Borg’s underwear company a few years ago. They top the kinky league tables with more than half of Germans stating a preference for ‘tools and gadgets’. Yet because the adult toy industry is only voluntarily regulated, the chemicals commonly found …

Silly Putty

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The shell which included social etiquette, consideration and interest in the outer world is broken.  I feel a desperate need to be intensely focused on being sad and I resent any attempt to pull me out of my business of being so. Still, I will go through the motions, but I will not be happy. I do not want to be happy because that is just another attempt to invalidate what I’m feeling.