Welcome. Pull up a Pew.

I would like to be one of those 'I am woman, hear me roar' women. But I don't roar, because quite frankly with three kids there's enough noise in this house already. This is my blog, scratchpad, solace, journal and inspiration. My place. However you've got here, I look forward to connecting.

This blog is now celebrating it's 8th year, not coincidentally like my oldest child. Writing saved my life and hers. In that time I've changed a lot; I've become slightly wider and slightly wiser, enough to know that I am pretty ignorant. Enough to know I have privilege. Enough to know that I have many internalized judgements and biases. This page then, is an attempt to give you a little insight into my perspective so that you can read my articles whilst taking those biases into account. No one is objective. Such a thing is not possible.

I believe that humans are pre-programmed to survive. I believe that our modus operandi in life is to choose courses of action which we believe will help us survive, no matter how nonsensical they seem to anyone else. I believe our minds are not rational, they are driven by the limbic system and our pre-frontal cortexes, or social brain, devise any number of justifications for why we did, what we did.

I do not know if I believe in a God. If there is a God, certainly my tiny, finite mind wouldn't be able to grasp it.

I do not believe in Love as the mono-normative world defines it. I live with my two partners and our three children. Long may it last.

I do believe we are killing the earth. Also I believe in vaccinations. But I don't think that means I can't hope that magic exists too...

Right now I'm in Berlin doing a Masters in Journalism. When Trump defined the media as the enemy, I decided that's who I wanted to be (before that I was VP Strategy and Finance for a hugely capitalist telco firm. I've abandoned that profession and that mindset).

Topics I write about: inclusive feminism, adoption, addiction, abuse, parenting, trauma, privilege, classism, different cultures, psychology, polyamory and open relationships, film/book reviews, mental health, maternal narcissism, writing about writing, sexuality and environmental impact.

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