No one does make up for men like Tim Curry

Boy, You’ll Be A Woman… Soon

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For a woman like me–a die-hard fan of The Rocky Horror Show who lustfully watched Sweet Transvestite on loop –the news that Chanel launched it’s first make-up for men on September 1 2018 in South Korea, was wildly exciting.

Jay Kay Fredrick

Why We Should Say ‘Female Genital Cutting’ and Not ‘Mutilation’

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Mutilation is not a word commonly associated with love. But given that the choice in many African communities is to be cut or choose a future where your child is ostracised, unlovable and ‘unmarriable’—the question must be about how love manifests for children, when it comes to ensuring their survival.

The Tale of Two Dads

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Status: Is this history repeating itself? Please Mr. Parenthood leave my sex life alone. Also, how is my mother going to take this? #peepositive #instupefaction, #notatallpanicking 

The Face of a Dying Breed, The European Brit

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Maybe you like me, are growing weary of the bigoted, beating heart of Brexit-fucking-Britain, but unforeseen consequences and unsolved issues still resound almost two years after the referendum. One of the unexamined shames, is the inevitable decline of the Treaty of Rome generation, those who grew up identifying as European hybrids thanks to mixed heritages; bi-tri-or multilingual folk, those who live like …

Life without Facebook? Is there any chance for escape?

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Depressingly, a portion of those ‘success stories’ who did not return to Facebook had simply replaced Facebook with other social media. Far from extracting themselves from an algorithmic life, they had only jumped out of the proverbial frying pan into the fire.

Thor Ragnarök: A Baby Step in Equality

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World building, as Marvel has proven it can pull off over the last decade, is a skill I admire, it’s an escapist’s ultimate playground–yet my aversion to imperialism and the influence of a feminist education on how I perceive fictional heroes and supervillains ate holes in the fabric of my appreciation.