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Sex-Positive Parenting!

“…that evolution is all about knowing that consent can change on the same activity. Like the point where you go from breastfeeding to the point where you are no longer breastfeeding and the child is in a place like “Well now what do I do with mom’s boob? Can I touch mom’s boob?

Things you didn’t know about me…

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Beastly & Beautiful

Awesome perspectives, cultural quirks, the fight to live my own life (and watch as many movies as I can).

Epic Relationships

Intimate, nakedly dysfunctional sometimes inspirational. Painted with polyamorous colours.

Complicated Roots

Questioned identity; the absurdity, and joy of being parented and parenting in a chosen family.

Vile Depths

Of the mind and of human behaviour. Illness, abuse and an exploration of the shadow side.

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Reframe Your Perspective

I like to talk. But not about the weather or about how drunk and stupid we were that one time. I like to talk about relationships. Some say my advice is rubbish. Others say I saved their lives (that’s pretty cool).

If you need to talk and want to re-examine your perspective on your relationships (romantic, sexual, parental, platonic and everything in between), my calendar is wide open on Thursdays. Drop by my FB page and book a Skype with me. It’s free (and that’s also pretty cool).

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